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MAC Pret a Papier eyeshadows review and swatches

Here is my MAC Pret a Papier collection eyeshadows review and swatches

I started off my last post by saying Pret a Papier- what does that even mean? But then changed it in fear of having a million comments telling me what I already know. Yes I know what the theme of the collection is… it just makes me curious about where MAC come up with the names and ideas for their collections. It’s insane. Pret a Papier eyeshadows review

Anyway! I promised Pret a Papier shadows and here they are!

There are five shadows released with this collection.

Gazette Grey – Dark Green-Grey With Gold-Pearl (Velvet)
Tissue Weight – Frosted Pale Peach (Frost)
Cut To Fit – Frosted Red-Bronze (Frost)
Memorabilia – Dirty Purple (Matte)
Bamboo – Light Beige with Peach (Matte)

Pret a Papier shadows

In my nice brand new and untouched shadow photos you see four of them!

I like the combination of colours in this collection. I seem to always be saying this about MAC releases of late, but you can come up with any look you want with these shades.

Gazette Grey-

If you know me you know I love grey. I can’t get enough of it. It actually applies darker than I thought it would with a pencil brush but I’ll be trying it out as a sheer wash on the lid soon. I’m thinking Gazette Grey will be amazing over a gold base to show off those golden sparkles.

Tissue Weight-

I’m really liking Tissue Weight. It’s a frost but quite smooth and it doesn’t have that chunky finish like some frosts can have. I’m thinking that I’ll be wearing this one as a lid colour a lot.

Cut To Fit-

So warm! I love warm shadows that have a bit of depth to them like Cut To Fit. I wore it today and am loving it! The red tones make it quite unique I think.

Memorabilia & Bamboo-
Memorabilia is a repromopte and Bamboo is a permanent shadow in the MAC line. Not much more to say really. Bamboo is a staple neutral that you shouldn’t overlook even though it doesn’t look particularly exciting. Here is a look I did with it ages ago if you’re interested to see it on the lid. Memorabilia I’m not keeping since I have tonne of purples and rarely wear them.

OK swatches and comparisons!

Top-Bottom: Gazette Grey, Tissue Weight, Cut To Fit


Bough Grey v Gazette Grey

L: Bough Grey
R: Gazette Grey

Top: Bough Grey
Bottom: Gazette Grey

Woah how blue does Bough Grey look in comparison?! The swatch looks a tad chalky, I think it’s just because I had moisturiser on my hands, whoops.

Tissue Weight v Hey

L: Tissue Weight
R: Hey

MAC-Pret a Papier eyeshadows swatches
Cut To Fit v Everything Else!

I forgot to photograph them together in the pan, but here are swatches. This is on my opposite arm , I’m definitely not ambidextrous!

L-R: Cut To Fit, Antiqued, B-Rich, Coppering, Gladabout

Edited to add- The only other item I have from this collection is the flesh toned Chromagraphic Pencil. Trying to cut down on my spending ya know!

Pret a Papier will be released in April. What are your thoughts so far?