MAC Powder Blush review : Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style

MAC Powder Blush   review and comparison  : Melba  vs. Peaches vs. Style

MAC Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style

I was attempting to purge my makeup drawer the other day of things that are too similar (it really bugs me to have multiple products that look exactly alike on the skin!) and came across these three beauties: MAC Melba, MAC Style and MAC Peaches.  Somehow I managed to acquire these all within a few months of each other and had no idea they were so similar.MAC Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style1

My first MAC blush of the three was Melba.  It is a warm, matte, pinky-peach and very highly pigmented.  I find that it applies a little streaky because it is so pigmented it’s a little more difficult to blend it out properly. Since it is so pigmented as well as hard to blend the first time I applied it I was rocking the 80’s racing stripes.  Not my best look!  Unfortunately for Melba I haven’t been able to get it work properly and it’s sat unloved in my drawer.

MAC Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style2

Next came Peaches.  I bought Peaches while I was on vacation knowing full well I had other peachy-pink blushes at home but this pulled more peachy as opposed to the others.  It’s a Sheertone formula so pigmentation is low but that also aids in application.  I find it applies smoothly with no streakiness and blending is a snap.
MAC Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style3
I arrived home from vacation to find my husband had searched my internet history to find a gift for me.  I had been googling swatches of Style and he bought it for a “welcome home” gift.  Style is a frost so it has shimmer as opposed to the other two.  This is a little warmer and peachier – almost orange – than Melba but has more pink in it than Peaches.
MAC Powder Blush swatches : Style , Melba , Peaches :
MAC Melba vs. Peaches vs. Style4
Conclusion? I love Peaches and Style, they are easy to work with and give a good amount of color to the cheeks without overpowering. Between the two of them they are different enough to own both.  Melba however is just too finicky to bother wasting my time! It’s similar enough to Peaches & Style that I don’t feel like I would miss it if I didn’t have it already.  If you do decide to purchase Melba I recommend saving your receipt!

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