Mac pigments swatches

 Mac pigments swatches

Further to yesterday’s swatch-fest  I’m adding in some individual pictures of the pigments along with a my thoughts of each colour, plus extra info like whether they were limited or not.

But before we get into the colours I wanted to let you know how I apply my pigments. There are several ways in which you can apply pigments (this also depends on how you’re using them.) Most often I use them as eye shadows – I layer them over Mac Paint Pots or other eyes bases as I would my normal shadows. However if I want to create a little extra intensity I will first spritz my brush with some Mac Fix+ spray and then apply my pigments, this makes the pigment slightly wet and increases the vibrancy and enhances the shine in the pigment.

Now…onto the colours

Vanilla (perm)mac vanilla pigment

mac vanilla pigment swatch

Vanilla is my favourite pigment of all time, it’s the one I reach for most often and it’s the most versatile IMO. Vanilla is a pretty, soft white with a gold sheen – it’s the perfect highlight to be paired with warm colours and also makes a fantastic cheek highlight – much along the same lines as Nars Albatross.

Pink Opal (perm)mac pink opal pigment

Similar to Vanilla but with a pink sheen instead of gold, this looks great paired with cooler colours or deeper pinks and purples and again is a great highlight. Pink Opal is very shimmery but fairly sheer.

Lily White (LE)mac lily white pigment

Lily White was a LE release with the Mac Sweetie Cake collection and is a pretty, frosty highlight colour. It’s more ivory than white and has a slightly peachy-pink cast – however Lily White is chunky in texture and has a very ‘glittery’ feel, although I do really like this pigment for an extra bling look.

Shimmertime (LE)mac summertime pigment

LE from the She Shine’s collection and is another one of my favourites. Shimmertime is a very light petal-pink that shimmers but isn’t over powering, it makes an amazing highlight to match almost any colour. Very finely milled in texture this one applies like a dream.

Deckchair (LE)mac deckchair pigment

Deckchair was one of the first pigments I ever bought and was LE in the D’Bohemia collection. It’s a stunning golden-peach shade that works as a highlight or all over shade, it’s great for warming up looks and has fantastic texture. This has been compared to Mac’s Melon and Goldenaire pigments, however I have neither of these for comparison shots.

Coco (LE)mac coco pigment

Coco was also from D’Bohemia and is a stunning silvered taupe. It’s a little sheer-er than most pigments I own but makes a very pretty subtle smokey eye and is perfect for the office. Light enough for a lid shade or a very light crease shade.Looks amazing when applied wet as it really shines.

Apricot Pink (LE)mac apricot pink pigment

LE from Sweetie Cake Apricot Pink is another favourite. It’s an unusual pink shade with apricot tones making it a perfect shade for pretty pink eyes but also for cheeks as well. This one has a fine texture and shines without being overly glittery – looks fantastic paired with smokey taupes or chocolate browns.

Gold Dusk (LE)mac gold dusk pigment

LE with the Sundressing collection, Gold Dusk is a pretty gold shade the throws off ever so slight green tones. Therefore it looks amazing paired with olives and greens, as well as neutrals such as bronze and brown. This pigment is finely milled and semi-sheer.

Heritage Rouge (LE)mac heritage rouge pigment

Wow! This is a stunning pigment, Heritage Rouge was LE in the Overrich collection and is a rich burgundy red. It looks great when worn with pinks or apricots, golds and other neutrals. It’s SUPER pigmented so a little goes a long way and the texture is silky and fine.

Chocolate Brown (pro)mac chocolate brown pigment

Chocolate Brown is a staple for me, it’s a pretty and richly pigmented warm brown that is perfect for smokey eyes or neutral, defined looks. While it’s not hugely unique it’s definitely a colour everyone could do with in their makeup collection as it works with anything and in any situation.

Deep Blue Green (pro but also released LE)mac deep blue green pigment

Deep Blue Green is a deep, richly pigmented blackened teal. I believe it’s a pro colour, however it was released LE with Hello Kitty. Deep Blue Green works amazingly as a liner or over liner for a jewel-like glow. It’s beyond pretty and really shines when applied wet.

Mac Blue Brown (Perm)mac blue brown pigmentmac blue brown pigment swatch

What a funy, unusual colour! It’s brown, red and blue all at once. Mac Blue Brown is a red-brown with stunning blue reflects – however on some people it throws a lot of red. I think this makes it highly unqiue but some may not agree. When applied over black, however, the blue really shines through. This is highly versitile and unlike anything else I own.

Green Brown (Pro…I think)mac green brown pigment

In a similar vein to Blue Brown above, Green Brown’s base is a warm golden bronze with slight orange tones, the shimmer is a pretty, bright green. Overall it gives an antiqued bronze look that works with golds, browns and greens. Very pretty and unique shade, however more subtle than Blue Brown IMO.

Golden Olive (perm)mac golden olive pigment

Not really Olive, more like a gold-flecked vibrant green. Pretty, but nothing overly unique IMO. It’s a very warm, summery shade with high pigment density and it shimmers nicely in the sunlight.

Old Gold (pro)mac old gold pigmentmac old gold  pigment swatch

Old Gold is similar to Green Brown, but more on the gold side making it more neutral. Very pretty shade with a nice amount of sheen, it’s great for creating a golden ‘glow’ on the lids or for toning down a green look. Old Gold is pretty and works beautifully on Hazel and brown eyes.

Copperize (LE)mac  copperize pigment

Don’t be fooled!! It’s not Copper…however it is lovely. LE with Rushmetal it is an antiqued Olive green with bronze undertones – like the more grown-up, sophisticated version of green-brown. Stunning and neutral without being boring, works with all warm neutrals but looks amazing gold. It’s richly pigmented and works great in the crease.

Golders Green (LE)mac golders green pigment

Another one from She Shines, I had this full size and gave it away save for a little sample. It’s pretty but not a colour I wear often enough to warant having full size. Basically, if Shrek were a pigment (and he was chock-ful of sparkles) he would be Golder’s Green. ’nuff said.

Revved Up (LE)mac revved up pigment

Another Rushmetal shade. Revved Up is the redder sister to Apricot Pink but more sheen-y than shimmery. Very pretty and the coral undertones make it a fabulous blush!

Your Ladyship (LE)mac your ladyship pigment

LE from Antiquitease Ladyship is one pigment I regret not buying full size (I have a sample from a friend’s jar.)It’s a neutral, plain but pearly neutral ivory that just works so well with my skintone. It has a slight peach tone making it a perfect highlight that’s not too stark, fab on cheekbones as well!

Mac Blonde’s Gold (LE)

Overrich collection again, Blonde’s Gold is just meh to me. It’s a light, beige gold that’s a nice neutral shade but isn’t anything special, it’s just not unique IMO – nice texture and pigmentation though.

Maroon (Disc)mac maroon pigment

Sadly this has been discontinued, it’s like a cross between Heritage Rouge and Chocolate Brown. It has all the richness of the Chocolate Brown as a base but throws that stunning red sheen off like Heritage Rouge. Lovely.

Pink Mauve (LE)mac pink mauve pigment

LE with Sweetie Cake. Blech! I do not like this pigment :( It makes my eyes look watery and irritated, plus the pigment is uneven and difficult to apply. This is the dud pigment in my collection.

Coco Beach (LE)mac  coco beach pigment

Pretty, rich brown that is slightly more bronzey than chocolate brown and has a great bronze glow. LE shade although I have no idea which collection it was from. It’s nicely pigmented product with a smooth, fine texture.

Azreal Blue (LE)mac azreal blue pigment

LE with She Shines, this is a beautiful metallic sky blue that is more pigmented than you might expect! It’s very intense and as such I don’t reach for it often but it’s pretty pearly quality does look great in summer when paired with warm, golden nudes. Lovely against brown eyes.

Night Light (LE)mac night light pigment

She Shines again – wow that was a big pigment collection!! Night Light is a sexy, smokey olive that’s very pigmented and silky in texture. It’s similar to Copperize wit more green and throws off gold rather than bronze. It’s beautiful when applied wet to get the maximum from the gold sheen.

Rose Gold (pro)mac rose gold pigment

Buttery soft metal pigment, that is so soft it’s like cream. Unfortunately this one irritates my eyes somewhat but the colour is amazing, it’s a metallic dusty gold that while pretty is not like the colour of Rose Gold jewelery IMO. Great application and heavily pigmented.

Gold Stroke (LE)mac  gold stroke pigment

Mislabeled in the pic, sorry!! This came out with Antiquitease and is a pretty, warm brown. It’s a nice colour but lacks the pigment and depth of other browns such as Chocolate Brown. This makes it sheerer and softer but not overly unique.

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