MAC Paint Pot Painterly Review and swatches

Hi pretty ladies here is my MAC Paint Pot Painterly Review!

This is my first MAC paint pot, I really couldn’t justify spending the £14.50 on it myself so I snuck in on to my birthday list, huzzah.
I love using cream shadows to even out the lid before applying colour but I’m yet to find a matte one on the high street, I’ve tried using the ones packed with shimmer, applied a matte shadow over the top and then realised how pointless that whole process was haha.MAC Paint Pot Painterly



MAC Paint Pot Painterly review

Painterly is a matte (woo), fleshy (ick, that word) shade, it’s almost like an eyelid concealer as it neutralises the eyelid and creates a lovely, even colour base for your eye-shadow. It’s also nice just worn on it’s own with a bit of mascara, this is how I’ve been wearing it most of the time.
When I first opened the pot I thought it was going to be a little awkward to work with, I couldn’t seem to get any on my finger but after a little bit of coaxing it warmed up to a creamier consistency.MAC Paint Pot in Painterly swatch

 MAC Paint Pot  inPainterly swatch:MAC Paint Pot Painterly swatch

 I would recommend making sure the lid is put back on super tight after using it as these little pots have a tendency to dry up.
I can see myself repurchasing this over and over again, it’s definitely going to get comfortable in my make-up bag.

I haven’t been able to include some more swatch pictures due to the whole one handed thang but if you’re keen to see the colour pay off a quick youtube search should help you out!




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