MAC Nude Lipsticks Dupes

Dupes Debunked #1

It’s halfway through May and the 31 MAC Dupes Series. It’s starting to get repetitive really fast (at least for someone like me who hates routine) so I thought I’d switch gears a bit and post the MAC Dupes Debunked now. Here are 5 popular MAC lipstick dupes whose (lack of) accuracy can speak for themselves…

*UPPER LIP is the MAC lipstick and the LOWER LIP is the “dupe” for ALL pictures*
MAC Cherish Loreal Fairest Nude

MAC Cherish & L’Oreal Fairest Nude
There is no way these are dupes – completely different undertones and intensities.

MAC Fanfare NYX Tea Rose

MAC Fanfare & NYX Tea Rose
A medium pink vs a light pink, really??

MAC Girl About Town Revlon Fuchsia Fusion

MAC Girl About Town & Revlon Fuchsia Fusion
These swatch closer on the arm but the redness of Fuchsia Fusion becomes really apparent on the lips.
MAC Pink Nouveau Revlon Stormy Pink


MAC Pink Nouveau & Revlon Stormy Pink
Stormy Pink lacks the pigmentation and the creaminess of Pink Nouveau.

MAC Pink Nouveau Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink

MAC Pink Nouveau & Wet’n’Wild Dollhouse Pink
Dollhouse Pink is much lighter and cooler than Pink Nouveau. They’re completely different!

MAC Snob Revlon Pink Pout

MAC Snob & Revlon Pink Pout
Pink Pout is so lacking in comparison to Snob – in every aspect.

MAC Snob Revlon Primrose

MAC Snob & Revlon Primrose
I actually prefer the shade of Primrose over Snob but these are NOT dupes.
Disclaimer: This post was not meant to bash anyone who stated or believe the above were dupes. The idea of “dupes” is extremely subjective – some people are fine with the same color family and other want it to be identical as in “duplicates”. When I or others post dupes, it should always be taken with discretion. In many instances, the quality or color of dupes is better than the actual product and vice versa. Being more expensive doesn’t equate to having good quality and saving money doesn’t automatically make it a good financial decision. Don’t buy a product because it’s a dupe of something expensive; buy it because you like it.
On another note, regular posts and reviews will start up again in June. I have some goodies to share with you but am currently too lazy relaxing from finals and being addicted to DOTA (blame the nerdy boyfriend).