Mac Mehr: Review, swatches and comparison with Cosmo

Mac Mehr: Review, swatches and comparison with Cosmo

I am not a Mac junkie. I mean, I love Mac but I like trying other brands too. Mehr is my fifth Mac lipstick and I had wanted it for soo long!Mac-Mehr-Review-swatches-and-comparison-with-Cosmo

So I finally purchased it and the first thing I noticed, was how similar the color looks, when compared to Cosmo-another one of my Mac favorites.Mac-Mehr-Review-swatches


Mac Mehr swatch :Mac-Mehr
Mac Cosmo swatchMac-cosmo swatch

The texture and feel of the two lipsticks is completely different. Mehr is totally matte, whereas Cosmo has a nice sheen to it. Also, Mehr can feel drying on the lips, whereas Cosmo is so creamy and moisturizing. But, Mehr has much better staying power, and because it is matte, it does not transfer as much onto cups.

Mehr is a bit brighter than Cosmo. For most Indian skintones, Mehr would be a better lip shade. However, personally, I have a soft spot for Cosmo! 


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