MAC Love Joy Blush : Review + Swatch

MAC Love Joy Blush: Review + Swatch

I have always been wary about blush on dark skin and feared it would look clownish and insanely unnatural. But let’s be real here. Even on lighter-skinned gals, how many of us reeeeeally blush in shades of pink, purple, coral, orange and brown? LOL

But hey! It’s makeup and its meant to enhance our features in a way that mother nature cannot. 🙂

That said, on darker skin tones, I think subtlety is key and I may have found the perfect blend of color enhancing and highlighting properties in MAC’s Love Joy Blush.

MAC Love Joy Mineralized Blush

This is a mineralized formula with a brownish-pinkish tone and streaks of soft gold running throughout. It is quite sheer which is great because it prevents too much color from being deposited at one time.
The gold pearl provides a soft, healthy glow on the cheeks and the color is very subtle even on dark skin. It can even be used primarily as a highlighter instead of a blush depending on how dark the skin is and how the product is applied.
See below for Mac joy  swatches.
 MAC Love Joy Mineralized Blush review

The swatch below on my arm was applied quite heavily (actually 3 or 4 strokes) so you could see the color show up.

MAC Love Joy Mineralized Blush Dark Skin Swatch

Below is Love Joy applied with a brush on my cheek. As you can see, it is a very subtle color and highlight. However, it makes a great difference for an overall look and prevents the face from appearing washed out after application of face powder.

MAC Love Joy Mineralized Blush Dark Skin Swatch Cheek Application

MAC Mineralized blush goes for about $23 wherever MAC Cosmetics are sold.

MAC Love Joy Mineralized Blush review swatch

I’d give this product a 4.5 on the L&P scale because of its soft sheen, sheer quality and shade compatibility.

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