MAC Lip Erase: The solution for pigmented lips

MAC Lip Erase is a concealer/ lip balm that’s designed for women (like myself) who have quite pigmented lips. It effectively works by neutralising the lips so that when you apply a lipstick, the true shade will show up.

The Lip Erase comes in two shades: Pale (for lighter skin tones) and Dim (for medium to darker skin tones) – the shade I purchased.


MAC-Lip-Erase-The-solution-for-pigmented-lips MAC-Lip-Erase-The-solution-for-pigmented-lips-swatched




  • great to use with my MAC Lustre lipsticks which appear barely visible on my lips. 
  • the consistency is lightweight (compared to concealers) on par with a lip balm so it doesn’t feel like you’re layering the lips with products!  
  • fair amount of product in the pot: 15ml / 0.5 US OZ, and a little goes a long way. 
  • packaging is made of plastic so not that heavy compared to glass and it’s easy to carry for on-the-go retouches / not likely to break easily if dropped (speaking from experience :P). Plus you can ‘Back-to-MAC’ the pot when it’s finished. 


  • lip exfoliation is required prior to application to avoid the visibility of fine lines.
  • would have preferred the balm to come in a lipstick-style tube – far less messy and more hygienic!
  • only available at MAC PRO Stores (sometimes comes out with LE Collections)
Cost: £12.50




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