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MAC Lip Erase in Dim review

MAC Lip Erase in dim review and swatch :

After wanting this product for months and months I finally got myself down to the MAC Pro store in London and picked this up. I love a nude lip and hate the way my natural lip colour sometimes shows through glosses and lipsticks so this seemed like the perfect solution as I have never really liked applying concealer or foundation to my lips.Lip Erase comes in two shades; Pale and Dim. The Makeup artist advised me to go for Dim as Pale would be too light for me.

MAC Lip Erase dim
MAC Lip Erase in dim

It does a great job of neutralizing the colour of the lips without the yellow undertones of foundations or concealers which can also be too thick for the lips and appear cakey. This product is applied easily to give a shine and texture-free finish allowing lipstick to glide on smoothly. Although described by MAC as a balm, I would not say that it is moisturizing although on the other hand it does not dry out the lips either.

I was excited to try this out under lipsticks and glosses to see if the colours really would appear truer and brighter, but it does not .
With Lips Erased

Lip Erase ┬áin Dim gets the thumbs-up from me. I much prefer being able to see the true colours of the glosses once my natural lip colour has been muted. Would I buy this product again? As little of this stuff goes such a long way I can’t ever see myself getting to the bottom of the pot!

Over to you, what are your thoughts on this product? What do you use to achieve the perfect nude lip?