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Mac Hey, Sailor Salute lipstick review

Mac Salute lipstick ! – a sublime nude salmon lipstick from MAC Hey, Sailor collectionmac hey sailor salute lipstick

My unforeseen blogging absence has caused rather a big backlog in my posting schedule, so I apologise firstly for the tardiness of today’s topic. I’d been meaning to wax lyrical about this lippie a few weeks ago, but when dealing with loss the words just weren’t there, until now.

Anyway, I had thought about scrapping this post altogether, because as with all things Mac that come out monthly and are (were) LE, if you go past the end of the month your pretty much screwed.
I know from experience that there’s nothing worse than reading a blog, coming away wanting (NEEDING) a product and then not being able to get it, but luckily I just checked and my latest lip love is still available online, phew!mac salute lipstick  (3)

After seeing many swatches online there was only one thing in Mac’s summer collection, Hey Sailor!, that I had my eye on and I bet you can guess just what it was if you have an addiction to apricots like moi.

Mac Salute! Nude salmon lipstickmac salute lipstick  swatches

My obsession with these kind of shades in no secret. Since discovering the wonders of a peach pout after buying NYX’s Black Label lipstick in India (AMAZING btw) years ago I’ve become a little obsessed with buying them.

On me, it’s the most flattering shade against my skin tone; just a hint of the peach adds the warmth and life my complexion needs but also the neutrality I crave. I want colour, but I want natural colour.
mac salute lipstick  (2)

Unlike other peachy lipsticks I own, of which I have too many, Salute! is surprisingly unique. Most that I’ve tried tend to lean more towards the pink or the nude side of the spectrum, offering just a slight hint of peachy goodness to them, but Mac’s version is what I’d call a true pastel peach.

It isn’t too pink, nude or yellow in undertone but simply a sublime salmon shade that’s great worn alone if you like the ultra pale lip look like I do, or of course for layering. It’s a great mixing colour and makes a fab base or top shade for toning down brighter colours.

Mac Hey, Sailor Salute lipstick swatchmac salute lipstick  (1)

As an amplified, the formula is pretty damn good offering a strong colour payoff, silky application and a semi-glossy finish on the lips. The only downside to this shade, as with most pale colours is that you have to have a perfect canvas to apply it too; flaky lips will just not do, so a lip scrub is essential to stop it sticking to and highlighting any dry patches you may have.  mac salute lipstick on lips

 (A rather stern picture I know, but I think it gives an idea of the look Salute! gives when worn alone)

Personally, I love this shade. It’s versatile and I find myself reaching for it every day but I’m guessing that this colour will be like the lipstick version of Marmite for most of you. You’ll either love it or hate it.

So which is it ladies? Love or hate?

Oh and p.s – If you did like the look of  Mac Salute lipstick , but can’t get hold of it, the closest shade I’ve found to it is Illamasqua’s Emerge Cream Pigment, a fab multi-purpose salmon. It can also be used under the eyes as a colour corrector, blush and lipstick!