MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel swatches, Review

Review: MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel

Maybe you’ve heard of this lipstick before or even own one. It’s quite a popular item from MAC and I read somewhere that it’s what Kim K loves to wear. I’m just glad I can finally cross it off of my wishlist; I’ve been wanting to get it for ages!

Angel is described as “soft pink” and that’s exactly what it is, except I should probably add that it’s quite cool-toned. When I first saw it in the tube I thought it was more neutral-based. But as soon as I applied it on my lips… yep, there it is. A bit too purplish for me, I must say. I was looking for something warmer because I’ve already had cool-toned baby pink lipsticks in my stash.
MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel swatches, review

MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel swatches
It was my first time getting a MAC frost, so I was a bit worried at first. I’m not at all a fan of frosty looking lips but luckily Angel isn’t all that frosty. It’s quite creamy, actually. The color is sheer but buildable. And well, it’s definitely not the lipstick you’d want to wear when your lips aren’t in good shape.

All things considered, Angel for me is just lovely but certainly not a must-have. Now that I think about it, I should’ve probably picked up Hug Me instead. Or, just so you know, recommendations for a warmer baby pink lipstick are encouraged. 😉

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me wearing Angel 🙂

Have you tried Angel or any other frost lipsticks by MAC?