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Mac Fix + review

Mac Fix + review : This is the third product in my series of water-like products that – and these are my words – just might change your life.

Today I’m looking at MAC Fix + which my boyfriend describes as “expensive water”.

This coming from the guy, who at last count had over ten bottles of stupidly expensive scotch. And I collect expensive water? Come on now!


So what does it claim to do? This, from the MAC website: MAC Fix + is an aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

How can you use it? The MAC website is unhelpful in this regard, however if you read the makeupalley reviews (sort by most helpful), one in particular jumps out where DreamtOf has this to say :

a customer who was asking all about it inspired me to make a list of all the things i use it for. so here it is…

  • before studio fix (preps skin for foundation)
  • after studio fix (melds it all together–is that a word? whatever, i refuse to use studio fix without my fix + spray) and sets it
  • refreshment throughout the day (smells awesome too)
  • locks in my moisturizer at night (and is a moisture mist in itself)
  • if you load it on (as in, not a fine mist) before using the stick foundation and blend it all together it gives the most amazing dewy finish (not an everyday look, obv)
  • spray it on a liner brush to use an e/s or pigment wet for lining or what have you
  • i spray my friends faces when i think they’re looking dry
  • it has caffeine in it so i’ve convinced myself that it wakes my face up
  • it’s cooling (the one from the fridge…aahhh) for when i’m hot and bothered (mwahaha)
  • it’s also nice as an all-over body mist after moisturizer
  • and it does my dishes

shoooot, i would drink the stuff if i could.

In a word: lol

Here’s my review:

Firstly, I have to address this “expensive water” comment, and to be honest it annoys me that I have to justify this purchase to a man who doesn’t even read my blog, but perhaps he has a point. Yes, Fix + is expensive if you think it’s just glorified water. But placebo-effect or not, I find that it works.

When I mist my makeup with it just as I’m ready to go out the door, I look glowy and fresh without increasing slip during the day – in fact, it makes it lasts longer.

When it was crazy-hot in Sydney a few weeks ago, I carried it in my bag and misted it on when I was sweating my face off and my god it felt good. Maybe water would have done the same thing, but I was wearing makeup and I still wanted to look good, and MAC Fix + really helped.

What I don’t use it for is a pre-makeup moisturiser. I find that it leaves my skin feeling tacky and sticky, which isn’t something I’m into.

Jurlique make a product that’s similar – Rosewater Balancing Mist – which I’ve used, but the difference between the Jurlique and MAC is that MAC Fix + is a multi-use product, where Jurlique is just a spray-on moisturiser-cum-toner. It’s certainly not something I would ever spray over my makeup, because that’s not what it’s designed for.

They both smell delicious, though.

MAC Fix + is available from MAC counters for $27.