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MAC Crush Metal Pigment Stack 2

Hi ! Here is my reaview of MAC Spring Forecast- Crush Metal Pigment Stack 2 with swatches

A new product from MAC! They’ve given us new goodies from time to time, my most recent favourites being the amazing Greasepaint Sticks! Sometimes new products can be a bit gimmicky but these new Crushed Metal Pigments stand out to me as being a great product. Today I’m blogging about the more neutral, earthy toned Stack 2 which will be released in February 2010 as part of the Spring Forecast collection.mac-crush-metal-pigment-stack-2

There are four shades of pigments, each weighing 4 grams for a total of 12 grams- compared to 7.5 grams for most MAC pigments. The colours are- gold, green, copper and beige.

mac pigment stack 2

The box contains 2 stacks of 2 pigments. I wonder why they didn’t make it so that it could be a stack of all 4 little jars together. Seems a bit odd to me, but what do I know?! However, you can mix and match any way to like to have whatever 2 pigments you like stacked together so that’s handy I guess.

The packaging isn’t very exciting but it’s easy to see what’s what and they’re nice and compact.

The texture is very different to the traditional MAC metal pigment formula. It’s quite chunky in the pot, but doesn’t apply that way on the lids. Here’s a comparison of texture and size to MAC Rose Gold pigment-mac pigment review

It’s actually what I thought the MAC Solar Bits looked like, but I heard they were quite hard to work with which is definitely not the case here. I remember reading that you needed to pop the little balls of shimmer to get them to work? That sounds like a lot of effort to me! You can see best on the individual pictures the little flecks of metallic pigment in them- : Beige ,Copper ,Green ,Gold .

The copper is the least pigmented in my experiences working with these pigments. It’s also difficult to capture the finish of these pigments on camera- when I’ve worn them I’ve actually had a few comments and compliments- they’re definitely eye catching!

Swatches- Without a base because I forgot!

natural lighting indoor
mac pigment stack 2 swatches
direct natual lighting
mac pigment  stack 2 swatchesGreen, Gold, Copper, Beige

Here are two eyes, the first using the gold pigment and Mulled Cider from the Warm & Cozy collection. The second look was the green pigment and a grey shadow.

Gold- I really struggled to capture the metallic finish of this pigment on camera sadly. I will have to try another look to make it translate on pictures!

Coming soon is a post about the pink and purple Crush Metal Pigments, however they are nowhere near as metallic as these!