MAC Craving Lipstick Dupe

DUPE | MAC Craving Lipstick

MAC Craving is a “burst of plum” amplified creme finish lipstick . It is a plum pink with slight sheen – a gorgeous color for those who like deeper pinks without veering into the berry-purple family. It’ll look deeper, more plummy on fairer skin tones and a medium mauve pink on darker skin tones.
MAC Craving Lipstick swatch
(L-R) MAC Craving, Milani Plumrose
1) Milani Colorstatement in Plumrose ($5) – Plumrose is pretty much identical to Craving. I don’t see any difference whatsoever. If I had to nitpick, maybe a hair darker, redder, and glossier but I could be making it up. Other skintones could pick up some of the tonal differences between the two that can’t be seen on my skin.
MAC Craving Lipstick Dupe

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