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MAC Betty Bright Lipstick Review, Swatches

MAC Archie’s Girls Collection Betty Bright: Comparisons & Swatches

I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible because I know the MAC Archie’s Girls collection is popular and will be out of stock soon (already sold out online but in store release date is February 7, 2013). MAC Betty Bright (Satin) is the only product I purchased from this limited edition collection because I’m infatuated with all things coral.
MAC Betty Bright Lipstick Review, Swatches
MAC Betty Bright Lipstick Review MAC Betty Bright Lipstick  Swatches
MAC Reel Sexy (LE) is more orange. MAC Coral Bliss, Jazzed (LE), and Ever Hip (LE) are all more coral and sheer. MAC Viva Glam Nicki I (LE) is the closest but pinker and darker. MAC Ravishing is more orange.
mac betty bright lipstick comparisons swatch
MAC Vegas Volt is redder, more orange. MAC Crosswires is redder, darker, more sheer. MUA #16 is more orange. Maybelline Coral Crush is redder. Guerlain Nahema is more coral and sheer.

You can tell from the abundance of pinky-coral/peaches/coral lipsticks that I own that MAC Betty Bright is far from anything of the like. It is significantly more pigmented due to its satin finish and much, much pinker. In fact, the closest lipstick I have to this is the MAC Nicki Minaj I lipstick which Betty Bright imitates with its brightness. They’re both somewhat “in your face” colors so if Nicki Minaj didn’t work for you, you might not have to worry about missing out on Betty Bright.

As you’ll see in later pictures that this can be sheered down to a more natural pink lip color. Additionally I’ll be posting up a giveaway for a brand new Betty Bright shortly. Enjoy! 😉