MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Beauty Powder Blushes review swatches

HI girls , here my review of MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Beauty Powder Blushes- Personal Style & All’s Good swatches

Well I hope everyone out there in internetland had a fab Christmas!There’s not too much I really need to say about these blushes. I love them. They’re unique, soft, smooth, blendable (is this a real word?!), you name it! I was originally going to keep this review very short in an ‘I love love them. Enough said.’ kinda way (and I was feeling a leeetle bit lazy!) but them I decided to give them the essay length review they deserve!The MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection is coming out soon! January is just around the corner. As much as I love the pigments from this collection (check them out here and here!) these Beauty Powder Blushes are the highlights for me.

Look at the shimmer! I’ve used Personal Style heaps!

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Beauty Powder Blushes review

I think some people will automatically skip these blushes because they’re neutral/brown/whatever and therefore ‘boring’. Not the case! Make sure you have a good look at them in person if you can before dismissing them- they’re really lovely, flattering and definitely not boring in my opinion!

Personal Style 

Described my MAC as light mauve taupe. I guess this is right, although I don’t see a heap of mauve. To me, this is just a great neutral blush, which is something I’ve been wanting for a long time but hadn’t quite found the right one. Until now. I find Personal Style so easy to wear, it always works. The soft shimmer is just right, it’s more of a sheen, not OTT and the finish is lovely and soft- it is a Beauty Powder Blush after all.

I don’t think Personal Style will necessarily give you a statement cheek type look in terms of colour, but worn on the apples paired with a contour of All’s Good, you’ll have a polished cheek that you’ll wear over and over. And over! I’ve been wearing them together heaps lately.

All’s Good

Cool deep rose is the description from MAC. Despite the silver shimmer I still think there’s a bit oif warmth to this blush. And I think there’s bronzey tones too. But deep it definitely is! But fear not pale blush fans, worn sheerly this blush can definitely work for you! I imagine All’s Good will look awesome on a deeper skin tone too. So All’s good really is all good, all round! OK, enough with the puns!

Because it looks so perfect with Personal Style I’ve been wearing All’s Good mainly as a contour shade. When I’ve remembered to try it by itself on the apples I’ve done so with a very light hand since I’m literally like a transparent white at the moment, and it gives a really nice flush of colour. Seriously though fellow palies, when I say very light hand I mean it! This shade isn’t very forgiving if you over do it. Think muddy, sunburned cheeks. Not cool!

All’s Good is like a blush with highlighter all in one. The sheen on this one is incredible! When I did the swatches I was oohing and aahing at the shimmer. Pretty.

Swatches for you!

Top: All’s Good
Bottom: Personal Style

Personal Style- Sheer and heavy
Beauty Powder Blush Swatches

All’s Good- Sheer and heavy

Beauty Powder Blush Swatches review

aaaaand then I realised that even though it’s an accurate swatch of the colour it wasn’t particularly sheer so here it is even more sheer!
Beauty Powder Blush Swatches - All’s Good, Personal Style

If you would like to see the BPBs (and shadows) on the face, have a look at a FOTD post I did a while back here.

There we go! Coming up next is eyeshadows form the collection, hopefully tomorrow! xo

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