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My M.A.C Eye Shadow Palettes :  M.A.C Neutral palette , Mac highlight palette ,Mac Color Palette  review and swatches :

Back with another post for you today! Yay!
I was looking through some of my old posts and I came across my M.A.C Eye Shadow Palette post that I put up quite a long time ago. I thought since I have accumulated a few more shadows (nothing crazy!) and that I sort of reorganized my palettes that I would do an updated one!
This time, I wanted to make the overview that much better so I will be including swatches of all my shadows, as well as a one sentence overall opinion. I didn’t want to go into too much depth because we don’t want to be reading a novel about MAC Eye Shadows… or do we? 🙂
I have a few new shadows, as well as a few that were in my previous post that aren’t in these palettes anymore. I currently have a few up for sale on my blog, which you can check out here.
I really hope that you enjoy this post, it took a ton of time to get all these put together and suitable for viewing! I love when people really go into the shadows and you can really see what they look like, so that’s what I aimed for! Let me know!
Let’s begin!

  M.A.C Neutral palette review and swatches :M.A.C Neutral palette

 In my neutral palette…
1. Mulled Cider – A cool mid-tone brown, beautiful crease color for a natural look
2. Handwritten – Quite possibly one of my favorite shadows, beautiful deep brown, stunning pigmentation.
3. Carbon – The famous matte black, my go to for darkening the outer corner or using as liner.
4. Soft Brown – My go to blending color, works as an excellent “in between” shade.
5. Espresso – Haven’t got much use out of this, more of a neutral brown, makes a good crease shade or brow filler for darker hair.
6. Coquette – Another neutral brown/gray, with a slight olive-y undertone
7. Satin Taupe – The most gorgeously pigmented taupe, beautiful on your lid or crease, or just as stunning on it’s own.
8. Amber Lights – Due to it’s intense gold and shimmer, I don’t wear this as often, but it makes a really pretty color to dust over a dark smokey eye on a night out.
9. Woodwinked – A crowd favorite, a beautiful bronze-gold that is extremely dimensional.
10. Sable – A beautiful sheen of gold, rose and bronze, I love this all on it’s own with thick liner.
11. Cork – This works wonderfully as a crease shade for a very light natural “no makeup” makeup look.
12. Copperplate – A must-have shade for blue eyed beauties, creates the most beautiful gray smokey eye to make your iris’ pop!
13. Mulch – A bride’s favorite, a deep shining brown that works beautifully in the crease 
14. Patina – Another bride’s favorite, as well as everyone else! Works beautifully on the lid for some subtle golden shine.
See a color you like? Look below for some swatches!M.A.C Neutral palette review swatchesM.A.C Neutral palette reviewM.A.C Neutral palette swatchesM.A.C Neutral palette eyeshadows

 Mac highlight palette review and swatches:Mac highlight palette

In my highlight palette…
1. Retrospeck – Not the best pigmentation, but this works as a great subtle inner corner highlight to brighten up your eyes.
2. Nylon – One of my go to inner corner highlight shades. It just as a beautiful shine to it, without too much of a pink or yellow undertone.
3. Unknown?! – This was one of my first MAC shadows that I bought at a CCO, but when I was depotting it the sticker ripped in half. It’s something Gold, just can’t remember it! But I guess it doesn’t matter because I am not too much of a fan, it’s very chunky and yellow. If you know the name though please let me know!
4. Blanc Type – My go to under the brow highlight. Sometimes I even like to sweep this across the lid before any other shadow to help blend.
5. Phloof – This is a beautiful inner corner highlight, it has a beautiful pink undertone. It also works well as a inner lid color for a light shimmery look.
6. Shroom – These descriptions are starting to sound repetitive, but this is a more beige undertone highlight shade, but it’s extremely versatile. 
7. Vanilla – What most wedding MU artists use on their brides, photographs beautifully and adds a beautiful highlight to your brow, and can also be dusted atop your lid to brighten it up.
See the swatches! Mac highlight palette swatchesMac highlight palette review swatchesM.A.C Neutral palette eyeshadows


 Mac Color Palette  review and swatches :Mac Color Palette

 In my color palette…
1. Paradisco – A color that screams summer, I love this coral/gold shade as a lid color in the summer.
2. Vainglorious – Limited edition from the Venomous Villains collection, a beautiful burgundy/cranberry shade. I love this for a darker eye in the winter and fall.
3. Jest – This is such a stunning shade, works as a inner corner highlight or as an inner lid color in any look.
4. Fig 1 – One of the most pigmented deep purples, absolutely stunning in your crease. If you’re daring enough to wear purple!
5. Swish – Not sure why I ever picked this up. It has a bad reputation for just being this awkward pink purple iridescent shade.
6. Cranberry – I absolutely love this shade for the same purpose as Vainglorious. I used  this on a summer bridesmaid lightly in her crease and she absolutely loved it!
7. Shadowy Lady – Definitely requires some work, pigmentation is a little touch and go. Works as a great crease color though with some effort.
8. Sumptuous Olive – I picked this up after MakeupbyTiffanyD did a tutorial with it, if you like an olive-smokey eye this is the perfect crease color, I just drool every time I swatch it.
Swatch, swatch, swatch!Mac Color Palette  swatchesMac Color Palette  review

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