M.A.C. Glitter and Ice and Let’s Skate Paint Pot

It’s no secret that I’m a MAC lover (maybe obsessive) and I rarely go outside without foundation, mascara and a MAC Paint Pot on at the very least. Before I went away to London, I had some girly-bonding time with my mum and she was nice enough to buy me something from MAC’s latest collection, Glitter and Ice. It’s rare that I see anything limited edition and think “I need that!” but I had a bit of a heart attack when I saw the new range of paint pots, and Let’s Skate! in particular.

I love white furnishings and products – white sheets, white tables, white clothes, white picture frames – and these have a white lid! I had to have it, and mum was nice enough to buy it.



MAC have 3 new ones out this holiday season and I picked up Let’s Skate!, which is a pale pink with pearl. The others in the collection are Morning Frost, a shimmering champagne taupe, and For Effect, a black with pearl (which would look amazing as a smokey eye base). For now though, here’s Let’s Skate.


MAC describes Let’s Skate! as a pale pink with pearl, which is basically right on the money. There’s not that much obvious shimmer in it and very little glitter. The pearliness is gold though, which is why I loved it. I’m a sucker for any pinks with gold in them, be they lip glosses, blushes, and now paint pots.

The texture is a cream, but it’s quite a dry texture if that makes sense, and doesn’t have any chunky glitter bits that will scratch. It sets immediately.

Here’s some more pics and a swatch for you:





Let’s Skate! is an extremely difficult paint pot to swatch correctly. It does look pinky-white, I’ll give it that. But when you wear it on it’s own, it looks like your lids have been lit up with tiny Christmas lights. It’s a delight to have.

MAC Paint Pots are, for me, the holy grail of eyeshadow products. You can blend multiple ones together to create a seamlessly blended eye look, or you can do what I do, which is use them as a base for my eyeshadows.

Why do eyeshadows need a base, I hear you ask? To stop them from creasing primarily, but also to help intensify the colour of your eyeshadow. A darker Paint Pot from the MAC’s Glitter and Ice collection like For Effect would be incredible under a smokey eye like I said earlier.

Coming up to winter you may not want to do dark, sultry makeup all the time like the magazines would have you do (ah, trends. love them or hate them…). As a fun alternative, you can pair a lighter, frostier lip like the Glitter and Ice Dazzleglasses I’m going to show you tomorrow, with a Paint Pot like Let’s Skate! layer some lighter shadows on top, and you’ll have a lightly shimmering eye look. Or you could wear it by itself which I’ve frequently done since taking these photos.

Stay tuned for tomorrow – I’ve got two gawjus dazzleglasses to show you from the collection as well.

UK: £14.00
USA: $18.50

Quick note: On the MAC Australia website it looks like Let’s Skate! isn’t available but mine was definitely purchased in Sydney. Maybe they’ve sold out already? Bummer.

Full Disclosure: Mum bought the above paint pot for me. Yay!

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