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I was recently contacted by the lovely Nikki who does the PR for Medi-Cosmetic. Medi-Cosmetic is much more than an average salon-they offer treatments for things you wouldn’t even imagine! I live close to the Jordanstown branch which I have been to before but for my treatment I went to the salon on Bloomfield Avenue. The salon is lovely-very friendly but still a professional, clinical atmosphere.
What is lvl lashes?
Nikki asked me would I like to have LVL lashes done and I jumped at the chance. I am obsessed with my brows and lashes and wish they would look amazing without me doing anything to them! I had read about LVL lashes online- it is a system which brings Length, Volume and Lift to the lashes using no hash chemicals and no eyelash extensions. I was excited as it seemed to offer a great solution for every busy girl out there. I especially thought it would be great as I am going on holiday soon and would prevent panda eyes from the pool! 24 hours prior to my treatment I had a patch test to ensure no irritation would occur from the products. This is essential in any treatment you have never had done before. Always make sure it is carried out, whether you are having a tint or a full set of lash extensions.
How it’s done?
LVL takes about 45 minutes to carry out and the time seems to go in very quickly. My LVL was performed by Roseanne who was lovely and chatty and she insured I was comfortable the entire way through. Having the LVL applied was a funny sensation-not uncomfortable. I imagine this largely came from the anti-wrinkle pads which keep the bottom lashes intact. The LVL is a 3 step system and one of the steps smells a bit funny-like Veet or perming lotion (!) but this only lasts for a minute. It is complicated to try and explain how the system actually works but celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has made a great video which shows exactly how LVL is applied.

Unlike Lisa, Roseanne suggested I have a ‘Medium’ lift. I agreed as this is my first time and because it is the type most suited to my lashes. I didn’t want them to be too curly and loose the length. My natural lashes are quite good but I feel that I look too plain and tired without mascara! LVL-LASHES-review

Before LVL- first thing in the morning with sleep in my eyes!


After LVL- little bits of glue from the shields are still on my eyes but they will come away when I am able to give my eyes a rub with water a few hours after my treatment.
As you can see, it looks like I have curled and mascara-ed my lashes! My lashes in the after pictures do not sit flat. I absolutely love the effect that the LVL creates. It is supposed to last about 8 weeks but many reviews I have read have said it has lasted longer. Although LVL isn’t something I would probably get on a regular basis, it seems perfect fot going on holiday and also for this time of year for hay-fever sufferers who end up with more make-up down their faces (This is me if I forget my tablet!). I think that if I wear mascara it will be a very light coat on top and bottom as I think the lashes already look well done!
LVL is available at Medi-Cosmetic.
Find out more at:
Twitter: @MediCosmetic1
Thank you to Nikki who arranged my appointment and to the lovely Roseanne for doing my LVL.