Hay there! Here is my review of LUSH’S ULTRABLAND Facial CLEANSER  and demo  with before and after photos .

As promised, this is my review and demo of LUSH’s Ultrabland Cleanser. I am demoing with the 100g pot which costs £10.25 but there is a small 45g pot available for £6.45. I would say that these prices are great for what you get and a little of this product goes a long way. You are also able to use it as a make up remover or just apply it to your bare skin. Today I am going to demo it for make up removing (although I am sure you all already know how!)LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER review
All that I will use while removing this make up with this product is the product itself and two cotton pads that are damp with warm water. LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER test
I am constantly raving on about having products that are oil free to prevent oil build up but this product is my exception. I would liken the consistency of it to royal icing sugar and it is very, very oily and greasy. Oily skinned girls out there need not be scared though, it’s beeswax and vegetable oil formula is actually designed to lift grease, dirt and make up from the skin without damaging it’s natural defences. Coming from someone with severe oily skin problems I can swear that it does not leave your skin greasy (unless you don’t wash it off properly) and I imagine that if you have dry skin this helps give your skin a radiant glow! This is also described as a “holy grail” product and if anyone has VERY troublesome skin, it is recommended that they use nothing on their skin but Ultrabland facial cleanser in order to balance their skin out.
This is the amount of cleanser I need to use roughly on my face: LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER photo
Here is a photo of my with a full face of make up so that you can see the before and after photos. I tried to pack on as much as possible (within reason) to REALLY put this cleanser to work. I am also wearing waterproof eyeliner and mascara to prove that it will remove any water proof products. LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER before
I put a peasize amount of the product on each section of my face. I then use my fingertips to rub the product in a circular motion. You can immediately see the product lifting from your face. I have to rub a little harder around my eyes to get the liner off but nothing extreme and the product does not sting or irritate my eye area whatsoever. Eventually, once you have massaged the product around your face, you will see all your make up colours moosh together and that is when I know it is time to remove the cleanser. This whole process really only takes about 2 minutes max.
Here is a lovely picture of my face with all my make up mooshed together: LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER  removing makeup
Then, for the last step. I simply take the cotton wool pad that has been dampened with warm water and wipe the product gently from my face. Make sure you have not collected too much water on your pad as it will make the product more difficult to take off as the oils mix with the water. You also will probably need more than one cotton pad as the combination of the cleaner and your make up will make the pads very dirty very quickly. LUSH ULTRABLAND CLEANSER after
Once you have done that you should be left with a dirty cotton pad and a clean face! My skin is noticeably smoother and fresher after using this product. It is also not only the nicest make up remover/cleanser I have ever used but the easiest. I do not need to scrub at my face and eye to take my make up off which I do with make up wipes or other removers I have used in the past. Scrubbing at your skin to take make up off is very likely to irritate it so this product is great for acne prone skin because you simply need to massage it in and wipe it off. In conclusion, I love this product and would recommend it to absolutely everyone and for every skin type.
Has anyone else tried Lush ultrabelnd facial cleanser or any other cleansers from LUSH?
This has become a complete holy grail product for me and I thought I would see reviews of it everywhere but I can’t find any! Am I looking in the wrong places? Link me if you know of one please 🙂