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LUSH Trichomania Solid Shampoo Bar review

Hey everyone 🙂 Here is my

LUSH’S “TRICHOMANIA”  solid SHAMPOO  bar review and test !

Hope you are all well!
I would first like to thank you all for entering my LUSH giveaway. It has been a huge success and it was very interesting to see what products you guys were lusting after on the list. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and that was (drumroll please)…
Okay, onto what you are hopefully here to read about: Lush’s “Trichomania” shampoo.
I am sure all up to date with Lush’s solid shampoo concept but Trichomania is a little bit different. Unlike the compact pucks of solid shampoo Lush usually provide – Trichomania resembles a large block of cheese. Also, it smells exponentially better than any other solid shampoo Lush produce. Don’t get me wrong, the smell of the other shampoos aren’t horrible but they aren’t lovely either and in my opinion, smell very “healthy” and organic rather than sweet but synthetic. Trichomania lands smack bang in the middle of these two things and is the best of both worlds with a very natural but still pleasant coconut scent.
Please note that the photos below are of my very own Trichomania. Although it may not look very pleasant, this is the reality of how it looks after several uses. It looks a lot more pleasant when you buy it and on the website but this is what it turns into.
So, if you aren’t put off by the look of it, let me tell you about how the product performs as a shampoo. Lush Trichomania shampoo review
The LUSH website describes it as a deeply moisturising and conditioning shampoo (not a two in one however, that is Godiva shampoo) because it contains creamed coconut and other moisturising oils. I can say that without a doubt this shampoo gives a softness and shine to the hair. I find myself twisting my hair between my fingers all the time now due to how soft it is! Unfortunately, I usually find that with deep conditioning shampoos, my hair is left limp and lifeless – that is not the case with this. It really does manage to have a great balance between conditioning ends, managing frizz and volumising  while still remaining lightweight enough to be a shampoo.
However, I am fully aware that this product may only be great for girls with my hair type or similar. I have a bit of a dilemma with this shampoo and that is that it is too moisturising to use on the top of my head. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bit of a hair dilemma in that I have naturally oily hair BUT have frazzled my ends through numerous bleaching sessions. This means I am pretty much unable to use drying shampoos or moisture boosting shampoos as there is bound to be one part of my hair it does not agree with. Trichomania is the prime example of a product that does not agree with my scalp. I find that when I use this my roots become oilier far faster than if I were to use my normal shampoo (LUSH’s Rehab). I am so pleased with the effects that Trichomania gives my hair though that I still persist on using it from my lower head downwards while I use Rehab on my scalp. Crazy, I know! That is just how much I love this shampoo.
For any ladies or gents who have never seen or used a LUSH shampoo bar before, and who are sitting looking at these photos thinking “who the hell is that a shampoo?!” let me put you out of your misery.
LUSH Trichomania Shampoo Bar :
Lush Trichomania solid shampoo
There are two ways to use a solid shampoo. Firstly rubbing it onto your hand. It’s pretty simple. Once you are in the shower and are ready to use the product, wet your hands and the product thoroughly and rub a flat side of the shampoo into your palm. It may take a while to notice anything significant but don’t worry. Eventually the product will lather and you will be able to put the contents of your hands onto your head. With Trichomania you are looking for a kind of soapy/milky consistency.
Here is a wee picture of what you should be looking for:Lush Trichomania shampoo bar
The second and in my opinion easiest way to do it is to apply the product straight to your head. The same basic rules apply: you wet the product and your head thoroughly before you rub a flat side of the product directly into your hair. I would say that you have to scrub relatively vigorously but it is in no way painful and you will be surprised how much the product lathers. The reason I would say that this way is easier is because I can judge more accurately how much of the product I will need as I can feel my hair as I am using the product. This way you are getting as many washes as you can out of your bar.
Here is a picture of my applying LUSH Trichomania Solid Shampoo straight to my head:
(You have no idea how tricky this was to take! The things I do for you guys…)Lush Trichomania shampoo on hair
Basically, I know that so many people rave about LUSH’s solid shampoo range and although I could see the merit in them, I was never really impressed with one until I tried Trichomania. Anyone with dry ends, curly hair, thick hair etc OR thin hair that can’t take conditioner who is looking for incredible shine and softness – this is the shampoo for you. I would even go as far as saying I have never seen such moisturising or shine building effects from any other shampoo. I certainly did not receive as many compliments on how healthy my hair looks before I began using this.
The nitty gritty with this product is a little bit different. I cannot definitively tell you how long it lasts as it depends on how much you use and how thick/long your hair is. The website claims that for 100g of this product you can get 100 washes. I don’t really know where they got that number from because I think that someone with my hair length (boob length) could probably get around half that (50-65 washes max if you used sparingly). I feel like the product runs down too quickly to last that long but maybe I am using way too much or something. Who knows. Either way 100 grams of this baby costs £5.25 and in my opinion is definitely worth the cash.
Have you tried this?
Are there any other solid shampoos that you think I am missing out on by not trying?
Let me know!