Hi girls and lush lovers , here is my LUSH ROSE QUEEN BATH BALLISTIC review !

Funnily enough, I am not typically a fan of bath ballistics. I see girls coming into LUSH all the time and picking up about ten bath bombs at a time but I’m not sure if I “get it”. Sure, they are fun to look at whizz around in the tub and some of them smell nice but until this I failed to see the benefits.
I didn’t actually manage to take a picture of it myself. The scent is exactly what you would assume also. I am a massive fan of rose scent and will buy anything with it so this was the perfect match for me. Rose products are expensive because Rose Absolute is actually more expensive than gold, apparently. I am sure no one was interested in knowing that but I got told it in work and think it’s interesting!LUSH ROSE QUEEN BATH Bomb review
This bath bomb isn’t anything fancy, but that is why I like it so much. It isn’t a sensual rose (like the tisty tosty bath ballistic) but it is simple and fresh. I use it if I have that extra bit of time to pamper myself before a big night out because it leaves me feeling soft, relaxed and refreshed. Ooooh and also it leaves rose petals behind in the tub which is a pleasant, fancy touch!
For those interested in how it fizzes, here is a picture of LUSH ROSE QUEEN BATH BALLISTIC , I took with my phone:
Obviously I got this product for free as I work for LUSH but this does not affect my opinion, I would not tell you guys I liked this product if I didn’t. I plan on paying for this product from now on.LUSH ROSE QUEEN BATH BALLISTIC
So, if you’re not a big fan of the obnoxious bath bombs like me and love the rosey scent, pick this up!
If you already have this, what do you think: too simple or just right?
Let me know what you guys would like me to blog about next 🙂