LUSH Porridge Soap Review

Best Start to the Day… Why, It’s Porridge Of Course!

Hey, hey, hey Ladies!
I promise after today’s post I’m going to lay off on the Lush shout-outs, I am not sponsored by them I can assure you, and I’m sure you must be getting sick of me blabbering on about them :o)
Anyhoo… I was in Lush the other day perusing the soaps and reached for Porridge, expecting very little; but was pretty taken aback – it smells beautiful like chocolate and caramel, but not in a fake, over-powering way, just gorgeous, natural and not too heavy. Lush describe the scent as being that of molasses, but I can’t comment as I’m unsure how they smell, so if like me, you’re a little unsure – I think chocolatey caramel sums it up pretty accurately too…!
LUSH Porridge Soap Review
This bar is made up of two components, the creamy smooth side which can be seen on the bottom; and the top part which is made up of oats for gentle exfoliation – I love a good 2-in-1 product me! 
The entire bar contains oat milk which is known for being particularly moisturising, whilst still being sensitive, and this soap really delivers on this. If I had my way I’d have a bar of this in my shower, in the kitchen and in the downstairs toilet! However, at £2.95 for 100g, that would work out far too expensive for me; especially as Lush soaps never tend to last as long as other regular bar soap such as Dove. For a shower time treat it’s justifiable though, and I have a sneaky suspicion that I may find the Lush soap runs out quicker, due to over-using them
LUSH Porridge Soap Review-2
Lots of people commented on how I smelt the past couple of days (in a positive sense I can assure you); and I couldn’t stop bringing my arm up to my nose to get a whiff of the scent. Usually I prefer sickly sweet or fruity smells, but something about this scent appeals to me.
I just realised that I should probably say something about it’s cleansing qualities as this is a soap after all :o) it’s a great cleanser, I used it all over the body, including my face and it felt suitable for more delicate areas, but still left me feeling like I’d had a deep clean – plus I forgot to moisturise afterwards due to running late for work, and my skin felt smooth and soft all day.
LUSH Porridge Soap
Gorgeous scent, moisturising, dual action cleanser and exfoliator – yes and yes!
I’d give this soap 8.75/10
The only area this soap falls down in, is that once lathered the soap can have a slightly mocha-tinged appearance, which if you have white bathroom tiles, shower curtain etc – could leave a slight colour if there are any splash-backs on there. It won’t stain, but it is a little bit of a pain in the butt. If it wasn’t for that fact, I’d of given this bar 9.5/10 – pretty freaking amazing right?!?
Anyway Ladies, I hope you found this review helpful!
What are your favourite bar soaps, Lush or otherwise?!
Do you prefer a bar soap or shower gel?
Are there any soaps or shower gels you’d like me to review on BlushCrush? Just let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my absolute best!
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