LUSH Popcorn lip scrub review

LUSH Popcorn lip scrub review :

If like me you was a lover of Popcorn this Christmas you’ll be please to know it’s now part of Lush’s permanent range of lip scrubs. It’s taken the place of Sweet Lips which was discontinued last year. During the Lush sale I stocked up on Popcorn, I now own 3 pots of the stuff so I’m sure to be kept going for a while. However, if you’ve yet to try this lip scrub out, let me tell you you’re missing out! LUSH Popcorn lip scrub

Popcorn pairs perfectly with Let the Good Times Roll, a facial cleanser that also surfaced during Christmas 2012, and is also now part of the permanent collection; you can read my review here. This lip scrub is the perfect winter warmer. It just makes me want to sit in front of the fire with a hot chocolate! On first inspection it appears of a light yellow colour, with the trademark sugary texture. I love the smell, a real mix between sweet confectionery and salty popcorn. It’s like going to the cinema without the hefty price tag that seems to entail these days! Once on the lips the salty undertones really come through but without being obnoxious about it. There’s a balance between salt and sweet and it’s more of an experience than the normal lip scrubs seen in Lush I’d say.LUSH-Popcorn-lip-scrub-review
As with all of Lush’s lip scrubs they can be quite messy to use. If you’re not familiar with these products I’d say definitely use them before you cleanse your face of a morning and night. I rarely use these in public! All you need is a small amount to rub over your lips, smoosh your lips together a few times and lip of the excess. Pretty easy but it can be a little messy. I like to use Lip Service lip balm afterwards which I will be posting  a review of shortly.LUSH Popcorn lip scrub 1
At the time of posting this, LUSH Popcorn lip scrub  is online for half price in the Lush sale for £2.63, it will be going back up to full price shortly I believe however.

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