LUSH Ocean Salt scrub review

This Ocean Salt scrub from LUSH is amazing !I look forward to my weekly skin reviving exfoliation session. When i first tried this product, i absolutely hated it, it felt much to harsh for my skin and left a burning sensation, i couldn’t wait to wash it off.
lush ocean salt review
I was having a really bad skin week about a month later and so decided to get it out of the cupboard, I used a little less and was gentle with it, the next morning i woke up with super soft glowing skin, i’ve used it once a week ever since, you really can feel it working.
the sea salt is very chunky in it, i wouldn’t recommend it if you have super sensitive dry skin.lush ocean salt
Lush Ocean Salt scrub  smells very fresh and zingy, also contains vodka, i most definitely don’t recommend trying to drink it!
Alcohol is used to sanitize, it’s also antibacterial, it does dry out my skin a little, but hey, that’s what moisturiser’s for.
My Dad always used to make me gargle salt water as a child if ever I had a sore throat, i’d also use it for mouth ulcers as Salt dehydrates the bacteria that is causing infection, This is what Salt in the scrub does, so it should really help clear up those pesky spots.  lush ocean salt scrub review
So initially after having a bad experience I decided obviously its going to tingle due to the ingredients, and it does still tingle but i like to think of that as the ingredients feasting on my dry skin and clearing it!
I will definitely be re-purchasing this once its run out.
What do you think about LUSH Ocean Salt scrub?
Katie xo

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