LUSH KING OF SKIN Body Butter review

Hay gurls and guys, Here is LUSH’S KING OF SKIN Body Butter review by Conor !

I have something a little bit different for you today! I realised that as much as I love reviewing beauty products for you I (obviously) can only give one opinion so I wanted to open it up a bit. This review of LUSH’s King of Skin comes to you from my bff Conor to give you a different/male perspective. If you enjoy Conor’s post be sure to comment below and he will review more stuff! You can find more from him on his personal blog
LUSH KING OF SKIN Body Butter review
Caroline decided to send me a cute little LUSH package to me in the Netherlands as a present. Inside was some ‘Rehab’ shampoo which Caroline has already reviewed and the body butter ‘King of Skin’. The first thing I thought was that maybe it’s specifically a product for men and that Caroline had lured me in with the “macho” name considering I’m sure there are guys who don’t wanna shop at lush because all the products seem pink and fruity. As I am a guy, I don’t really use any skin products other than some moisturiser after I’ve shaved my face but that’s about it so my knowledge of these sort of products isn’t extensive. Therefore, I am keen to find out if Lush as a company just produce natural products with witty appealing names?LUSH KING OF SKIN Body Butter
The bar itself is a sort of beigey colour, kind of reminding me of my mum’s living room carpet deco (in the nicest possible way). The main ingredients are cocoa butter and shea butter so you would expect it to smell great. It has a few oils: extra virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and almond oil with a bunch of other stuff packed into the bar too. As I can be a bit clueless with these things, I read the instructions on the website and it said to wash skin, rinse and then ‘rub bar all over, rinse and towel dry’ so that’s what I did. It was quite thick when I started using it and I had to give it a good rub to get it going. Obviously, it’s body butter so I expected it to be rich but that’s exactly what it felt like, sort of like rubbing lard on my skin (but really really good smelling lard!) Even when I started to rinse it off, the water felt almost a bit resistant to my skin. I didn’t know whether to rub, scrub or gently rinse it off. But as it said rinse, I did. After towel drying, my skin feels really oily, which I’m not sure if it’s something I, or many other guys, like straight after a shower. Maybe I used too much but I can get quite dry skin from time to time, especially in the winter, so I think I could benefit more from it at that time of year. The power of the products scent is impressive though, I had just been swimming and ‘King of Skin’ amazingly and completely removed that chlorine smell that sticks to your skin afterwards (even though I personally quite like the chloriney smell!)
In conclusion, if you are a girl and want some lovely smelling, smooth skin for a night then maybe Lush King of Skin Body Butter  is for you but, as a guy, I don’t think over oily hairy legs are quite my thing and I would not purchase this product for myself.
Conor :o)
 ps. And what do you think about LUSH’S KING OF SKIN Body Butter  , would you buy it?