LUSH Henna – Caca Noir Review

LUSH Henna – Caca Noir Review

OK so bit of a confession coming up in this post, I don’t naturally have black hair, it’s a dark brown with lots and lots of grey (I’ve been going grey since I was about 18 – depressing I know!!), so a couple of years back I decided to dye my hair black, and I love it but since going cruelty free I’ve not known what hair dye to use so after a bit of research I thought I’d give LUSH henna dye a go, and this is what happened…..
First of all, this is what a block of their henna hair dye looks like, and I went for Caca Noir, which is black, and will cost you £7.25 (a pretty average price for hair dye). I cut this in half and then followed the instructions on how to mix it up into a paste before applying to the hair, as displayed in my lovely collage below
 Lush-Henna collage


As you can see it looks like something that would come out of a baby’s bum, and unfortunately doesn’t smell so great either! But I persevered and after application wrapped my head in clingfilm followed by a towel to keep the heat in. I then left it on over night simply because it was quite late when I did this and I was rather tired. However, I woke up at like 4:30 on Sunday morning with a very stiff neck and dried up henna bits in my hair – YUK! I had to get Stephen to help me wash it out, which took FOREVER!! And even then it wasn’t all out properly, so I had to wash my hair again that evening as I had work the following morningIt’s ok to leave the hair dye on over night, and unlike regular hair dye this stuff didn’t sting my Psoriasis, I’m normally in a lot of pain when I dye my hair, especially if my Psoriasis has flared up and is open (I know I shouldn’t dye my hair with having Psoriasis but it’s my choice and I am fully aware of the risks involved so obviously I wouldn’t recommend anyone else apply dye to their Psoriasis ridden scalps I do simply because I’m so vain I hate my greying hair!!). Anyway, I reckon since this stuff is natural it will be much kinder to my poor scalp, but unfortunately it didn’t take at all, and you can STILL see my roots and my greyness 🙁 So I’m not impressed but I will give it another shot as I still have half a block left and don’t want to waste it

We’ll see in my next installment if it was second time lucky lol

Do any of you know of any cruelty free hair dye’s if so please let me know so I can try them out

Much loves

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