Lush Calacas shower jelly review

Lush Calacas shower jelly review:
The final addition to the Lush Halloween collection is Calacas. In essence, Calacas is a bold green shower jelly with a skull motif embossed on it’s surface. If you’re unfamiliar with shower jellies you use them by taking a piece and crushing it and smoothing it against your skin, either by hand or on a sponge.
Calacas have a invigorating lime scent, which pairs beautifully with the scent of Enchanter (reviewed here). I find this slightly more powerful in scent than Enchanter due to the sheer nature of how you use it on your skin.Lush Calacas
Try freezing Calacas shower jelly first for an extra refreshing shower! I usually keep my shower jellies in the fridge, it just makes them feel that bit more zingy!
Calacas is available in store and online for £3.25 for a 100g pot. Which to be honest, isn’t half bad. You get a big old lump of shower jelly which is probably enough to last between 2 weeks and month.
Let me know what Lush things you’re loving this Halloween!

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