Lush bath bombs review – Twilight ,The Enchanter,Magic bath ballistic

HEY BEAUTIES! In one of my last beauty post I showed you the Halloween set I got from Lush called ‘Where the magic happens’ if you didn’t see that post you can check it outhere. The set included three bath ballistic’s two of the three were limited edition. I got camera happy and took some photos of the bath ballistics in all there glory before I settled down and relaxed in the bath each time.

First off I will start with the bath ballistic which isn’t limited edition but it’s the first time I’ve tried it, this would be Twilight bath bomb .
twilight bath
The Twilight bath bomb contains Lavender, benzoin and tonka and it retails for £3.20. I thought the bath ballistic was super pretty to watch melt away in the water the pink and blue shades were gorgeous, I was left with a light pink purple shade. I found this one to be super relaxing I think it was the lavender it helped me sleep like a baby all night.
Next up is Magic bath bomb
magic bath
This bath ballistic contains marjoram and rose which are supposed to bring you calm and clarity, this one retails for £4.20 and this one is limited edition to the retro collection. The scent from Magic is amazing normally I can only smell products when I’m actually in the bath but the scent of this one could be smelt way off. Although Magic is supposed to make you feel calm I felt a little uneasy actually lying in the bath water I felt like I was in the sea as the blue of the water became quite dark and the sea is a place I don’t like to be, it also had herbs floating about which was annoying when I got out as I had them stuck everywhere. But I would recommend this one for the scent alone.
Finally The Enchanter bath ballistic
the enchanter bath
Out of all of the three this one had to be my favourite. The Enchanter is also limited edition it includes lime and neroli essential oils which are great for lifting your mood. This one retails for £3.20 and is full of zesty goodness. The colour of the water once this baby goes in is amazing if you check out the last picture I think it  looks gorgeous. The third picture where the bath ballistic has dissolved a little reminds me of the poison apple in Snow White. I really love this bath ballistic and I’m so glad I kept this one to use last for Halloween.
Which one do you think you would like best from the Halloween ‘Where the magic happens’ set?

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