Hi girls and all lush products lovers ! Here is my review of  LUSH’S AMERICAN CREAM CONDITIONER .
 I know I need to chill with the LUSH product but trust me there were at least 3 or 4 more I wanted to mention in here that I will leave for another day. I must confess, I had the smaller 100g bottle of this before April but I received the full size 500g product (£13.25) on my birthday at the end of March.LUSH AMERICAN CREAM CONDITIONER review
Although Lush American Cream conditioner is described as thick and “extra creamy”, I beg to differ. This is one of the thinner conditioners I have ever used. It is still very moisurising and gives my hair a boost of volume once I have dried it. It is quite runny and although it took getting used to, this is something I now like about the product as although the price is steep, a little goes a very long way. If you are into that silky, almost rubbery feel that some cheaper conditioners give then this is not the product for you.
None of LUSH’s conditioners contain silicone which is the ingredient that gives your hair that slick feel in the shower.However, LUSH believe that their naturally moisturising ingredients fully nourish the hair than just giving the initial superficial smoothness and I agree. It has a strong vanilla scent that is the same as many LUSH vanilla products and it literally sticks on your hair until you wash it next. If you are looking for a DEEP conditioner for very damaged hair from LUSH , then American Cream conditioner  is not the one I would use (pick up Retread or R+B) but as someone who has bleached her hair therefore has very brittle ends, this product works well along with a hair mask once a week.