Lucy Williams: Effortless and Cool Street Style

A pulled together and polished look is a prerequisite for being fashionable. But your style must also seem effortless and cool as if it looks forced and unnatural, you’ll only look like a fashion victim. Though “effortless cool style” may seem paradoxical as looking stylish actually requires some effort, achieving a fashionable style definitely gets easier with practice and with efficient wardrobe choices. Looking for inspiration on how to achieve an “effortless and cool” sense of style without looking trying too hard? Let’s have a look at a blogger’s street-style-worthy wardrobe to pick some style ideas to nail your street looks in an effortless and cool way.

From West London, Lucy Williams is known for her pulled together outfits in an effortless and cool style. She is always giving her own twist to fashion staples like mixing simple staples with eye-catching accessories while wearing timeless style and natural tones. Fashion Me Now is her blog that features her personal outfits, fashion thoughts, travel diaries, beauty posts, and even inspirations.

animal print boots with fringed jacket

chunky heels with casual outfit fringe bag and bandana with casual outfit gray shawl with classic outfit sneakers with leather jacket and tank top

When building your effortless cool style, first get good basics on your accessories. Lucy creatively incorporates simple accessories like bags, scarf, bandanas, shawl, sunglasses and even hats to revamp her casual street looks. You may count on your wide brim fedora hat as the signature item in your wardrobe. Like Lucy, embrace the cool factor of hats by throwing it on whenever you’re running out the door and want to tie together a simple outfit. It is also a great fix for bad hair days. Know what works on your face shape to bring out the best features of your face. As for your footwear, go for sneakers, ballet flats, and slip on sandals for an effortless feel and chunky heels and lace-up sandals for a cool vibe.

camel poncho with knee boots gray top with black pants khaki pants with white shirt

Build your wardrobe around neutrals. As you can see, Lucy’s style is typically all about neutrals. You can be creative too by switching things up with contrasting textures, monochrome dressing, or neutral head-to-toe. Get good basics like cardigan, coat, jeans, shirt, and sweater that are the must-haves for an effortless cool wardrobe. Also, you may look for trendy fits like flared, oversized, body con and such to add some spice to your style.

chambray shirt with structured bag denim on denim outfit denim overalls denim skirt with white top ripped denim jeans with blazer

As the most casual fabric, denim items are an excellent way to have pleasure in your style while keeping comfortable. Think of jeans, skirt, shorts, chambray shirts, and denim jacket you may wear to complement your effortless and cool style. Like Lucy, you may wear overalls or a denim-on-denim outfit so you’ll keep stylish and comfortable while nailing the current trend.

leather jacket with suede skirt leather trousers with coat

Leather ensembles add some edge to your effortless and cool look. Whether you’re wearing a cotton shirt, suede shorts, denim jeans, and even chiffon blouse, leather ensembles are a great match with it. Like Lucy, you may wear leather trousers with a coat and sweater or a leather jacket with a comfy blouse with a  suede skirt.

4. striped blouse with skirt striped shirt with coat striped top with miniskirt striped top with suede skirt

Classic prints are great for spicing up your plain looks. It’s up to you to decide whether to don some classic prints, animal prints or even funky prints. Stripes are the most basic and casual print that scream cool and effortless. Like Lucy, wear striped blouse, shirt, or blazer with casual pieces like jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Effortless cool street style doesn’t mean looking plain and boring. You must do some strategic styling to look polished and stylish while still looking effortless. Indeed, comfort never looked better.


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