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L’Oréal Universal Lip Glow; Unique rose shade – Swatch and Review

 HI Girls, here is my review of L’Oréal Universal Lip Glow Unique rose shade and swatch !

As promised I shot out the door bright and early this morning to check out the new Chanel Spring Collection (yes, it was amazing and yes, my bank card is literally crippled!) but that wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye..

I couldn’t help but pick up the new L’Oréal Paris’ Universal Lip glow. There was only one left, and this makes me want things even more!! This is the first lipstick that adapts uniquely to the moisture of your lips resulting in a tailor made and individual shade of pink, just for you. It gives a natural glow and feels light and non-drying.L'Oréal Universal Lip Glow review

The packaging is really cute and sleek too with a black case and pink lining. The lip colour (which is arguably more of a balm) looks totally unique and see-through, almost a fluro pink which is enough to put anybody off that doesn’t know what it is but bright enough to catch every eye. This is due to the combination of two gelling agents and L’oréal chose to avoid wax in this product to make it feel even lighter on application.L'Oréal Universal Lip Glow swatch
Here it is on my hand, as you can see.. no colour change yet, still an iridescent glow. But as soon as it hits my lips, it’s a different story..L'Oréal Universal Lip Glow

BeforeL'Oréal Universal Lip Glow rose shade review

This was £8.49 from boots and I’m really glad I picked it up. It’s pretty moisturising and gets 10/10 for the novelty factor but I’m still gonna be reaching for my MAC Hue, sorry L’Oréal!