L’Oreal True Match Foundation w3 golden beige REVIEW

l’oreal true match foundation w3 golden beige review:

More often than not these sample Sunday’s reveal a product that doesn’t work for me but every so often up pops up with one that I actually like. This I like.Here is my review of Sample Sunday – L’Oreal True Match Foundation !

 L’Oreal True Match Foundation golden beige review

The main selling point of this foundation is that is comes in 20 shades, the theory being that everyone should be able to find their ‘true match’. Speaking as a pasty faced lady who often struggles to find a shade that is a.) pale enough and b.) neutral enough for my skin. The shade I have here is W3 Golden Beige and it is of course too dark but the tone is promising. A little yellow but not too much. I’m holding out high hopes that they would actually have a good match for me.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation w3 golden beige

The formula itself was very runny the by product of which is that it is very easy to spread over the skin. It blended in beautifully. After a few (maybe 5) minutes is set to what I would call a satin finish. Not uber matter but not greasy looking either. When I test these samples I don’t use primer or powder, I sat and watched 3 episodes of X Files (rocking Saturday night…) before this started to look oily. That’s pretty good going on my nose. The coverage is medium. Not as heavy as Revlon Colorstay but enough for me to skip concealer on a good skin day.

If I’m totally honest with you I had actually sworn off high street foundations. Maybe it’s the snob in me but I decided that if I was going to buy more I was going to treat myself to high end ones. This one is tempting me though. I’m curious to try it again. And it’s only £9.99! This little sample of  L’Oreal True Match Foundation in w3 golden beige has sucked me in. Congratulations L’Oreal, that’s exactly what samples are supposed to do! x