Loreal Professionnel Super Dust Volume and Texturising Powder Review

Hello everybody here is my Loreal Professionnel Super Dust Volume and Texturising Powder Review!

Transform into your super hero alter-ego with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Super Style Heroes Super Dust, reworkable POW’der for volume with a matte finish.
These Hair dust type products have become quite popular for adding that tousled voluminous look to dull everyday hair. When I was sent this product I was quite happy as I have never tried a hair powder before apart from the Batiste XL volume dry shampoo which works in a similar way to this. 

1 Loreal Professionnel Super Dust Volume and Texturising Powder

Sometimes when I have just washed my hair it becomes to silky and flat to hold any kind of hair style so this is perfect to add some texture and volume to my hair when I am going out.
My hair is already quite thick but because of how long it is, it can loose volume and become weighed down, so this is perfect for adding body to my hair without feeling like I am using too much product.

2 Professionnel Super Dust Volume and Texturising Powder  Loreal

The powder is very light and disappears into the hair once it is rubbed in, it doesn’t leave a grayish tint like many hair powders or dry shampoos. The product is easy and simple to use and it has saved me from flat dull hair days since I received it! You simply just lift up pieces of hair and tap a little bit of the powder into the roots and massage it in. Keep doing this to all of the areas that you feel need a little bit of a lift. To add texture and to achieve that ‘bed head’ look, just tip some of the powder into the palm of your hand and scrunch it into the lengths of your hair for a beachy effect. 

3 My everyday hair before using this product

My everyday hair before using this product, I don’t use any other products in my hair apart from Kerastase Ciment thermique heat defence

4 After using the product

After using the product, as you can see it has given the top of my hair some crazy volume.
I used quite a bit of product because my hair is thick but you can play around with the amount of powder that you use to get the effect that you want.
This volume lasts all day and you can push your hair up at the roots with your fingers during the day to add more volume if you need too. This product does make your roots and hair feel dry so if you have brittle dry hair, I would not recommend that you use this! You may also find that this product is a little difficult to wash out as you can feel it in your hair if you use a lot of it, so I wouldn’t use this on a daily basis.
Overall This product is great if you quickly need to add some style, volume and texture to your hair if it is looking dull or too soft after washing.
Price: £10.70 at FeelUnique
The cheapest I have found it is £7.40 Here
Hope you have all had a nice weekend and be sure to expect some lovely weather next week for all of us living in the UK! What are your plans? BBQ for definite! I am also going to be at Global Gathering weekend in Stratford this weekend too!



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