Loreal Le Gloss – Watermelon Crush review, swatch

 Loreal Le Gloss – Watermelon Crush review and swatch:

One of the best parts about blogging, in my opinion, is constantly experimenting with products and being able to read others opinions as well as formulate your own. You find holy grail products, as well as ones you probably would never spend your money on again.

Today I decided to experiment with a new product (new to me anyway, might be a little late on the band wagon) and that is the Colour Riche LeGloss from Loreal. The color that I chose to pick up was “Watermelon Crush”, one of the more popular ‘spring’ shades.
 The shade variety is fairly decent, there are some hot pinks and baby pinks, as well as some red and brown tones, and there is a couple clear/nude shades. Because of my Ulta reward points, I was able to get this particular lip gloss for free, which I am glad about because I’m not too sure if I will be purchasing another one of these.
Let’s get a little bit into the basics of packaging and what not..
Loreal-Le-Gloss-Watermelon-Crush 154
The packaging of the lip gloss is fairly standard. It comes in a simple squeeze tube, and you get a fairly decent amount of product. The tube is easy to control, so there’s no worries about using too much or difficulty getting any at all.
Usually whenever I see a squeeze tube lip gloss, I immediately think it’s going to just be a jelly-like gloss that’s fairly sheer, and that’s exactly what this is.Loreal-Le-Gloss-Watermelon-Crush review
 There really is little to no pigmentation to this gloss. It gives an EXTREMELY light wash of color, but I am betting that most people, especially with more pigmented lips, won’t experience any color payoff.
Loreal-Le-Gloss-Watermelon-Crush swatch
The one thing that I do appreciate about these glosses is that they are rather moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. They are not sticky at all, and actually look very nice over any color. Because there isn’t much payoff you can buy really any shade and it works. I am not sure how the really dark plum shades appear, but if you go toward the lighter shades, you will be safe!

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