L’Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil review

A truely extraordinary oil

L’Oreal extraordinary oil – £9.99 and is available to buy here (Note this is currently on sale and costs £8.49)
Hello lovelies,
There is no denying that oils are hot on the beauty scene right now. From cleansing oils to hair oils and with countless brands jumping on the ban wagon I thought it was time to get some oil into my beauty routine. Now I may not be ready to put it on my face just yet, but hair oil was a product I could not resist trying.A truely extraordinary oil2
My oil of choice was the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil for all hair types. There is also another version available for coloured hair, so if your more adventurous with the colour of your locks this one will be more suited to you. This oil can be used on either wet or dry hair. Used on wet hair it acts as a heat defense to protect hair, and when used on dry hair it adds shine and softness to your finished look.
I myself tend to use this when my hair is damp, even if i’m not blow drying or heat styling. I find when used on my damp hair this product melts right into the hair and there is no residue form the oil when fully dry. I simply pump twice and distribute throughout the ends of my hair. It’s that simple. You don’t need a lot of product meaning this bottle is set to last me for a very long time. Having long hair I struggle with dry brittle split ends. I started growing my hair 2 years ago and it was a nightmare. My hair was growing but it was in terrible condition. Since i started using this oil 4 months ago the condition of my hair has considerably improved. Yes i still have split ends but the amount has reduced and my hair feels much stronger and has much more of a healthy shine. Even my hair dresser noticed the improvement in my hairs condition! The packaging is excellent. The weighty glass bottle give sit a more high end feeling and the pump is fantastic for getting exactly how much product you desire. One thing i have found though is that this is not very travel friendly. The pump twists to lock but mine has actually broken and there isn’t a lid to place over the pump so i wouldn’t risk packing this for a trip. Sadly its the one feature that lets this product down.A truely extraordinary oil1
I’m extremely glad i purchased this extraordinary oil and i can safely say my hair is glad too. If you have long locks or maybe your trying to grow your hair, I would recommend this product. Its a great price at £9.99 considering how little you need and how long its going to last. I will be repurchasing this for sure. I don’t want to be with out it.
What do you think about L’Oreal  Elvive extraordinary oil ?Whats your favourite hair care product?

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