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Lord and Berry

I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of Lord and Berry before last month and for a beauty blogger that’s a little bit worrying. I found them on Asos (the whole brand in the sale a few weeks ago ). I absolutely love the packaging for a start and I am a sucker for nice packaging. Its minimal, chic and ‘expensive’ looking but the price tag isn’t.

I love the brand philosophy that makeup shouldn’t be limited by peoples origin and ethnicity  Makeup isn’t just a cover-up but a ‘form of expression’ and an accessory to allow women the confidence to succeed.  I chose three things from their product range as you can see; an eyebrow gel, a mascara and a red lip crayon. 





Eyebrow gel in natural– It’s not very often you come across an affordable eyebrow gel that doesn’t harden your eyebrow hairs or leave a nasty residue so I was so pleased with this gel. I have very unruly eyebrows and products like this are a life-saver. I brush all my upwards and outwards and then push them down and it gives them a natural but tamed look.



Thickening, defining treatment mascara– I loved the square packaging of the tube (here we go again with the packaging). This time, though, the product meets the packaging standards and I am very picky when it comes to mascaras. It is a treatment mascara so it should, in the long term, help your eyelashes grow but I cant say I’ve noticed any difference in that respect. It is the mascara I reach for on a daily basis now and I think you know a products good if it’s granted a place in your makeup bag rather than your makeup storage.



Scarlett shining lipstick crayon– I tried the £24 Bobbi Brown lipstick crayon and I was less impressed than I was with this £8 one. The colour is bright scarlett red as the name would suggest and the picture is pretty true to colour. Red isn’t really a colour I tend to go for just because I mostly go for either berry tones or peachy tones. However, I have tried this one out  for review and it is so creamy and moisturizing on the lips and you have a little more control than you do with a lipstick but I would still use a lip brush just for extra precision.



All in all, I’m very impressed with my new makeup brand find Lord and Berry and intend to try out some of their other products and be sure to let you know how I get on! Let me know if you have anything of theirs and what your thoughts are.