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Loose curls with a straightener

How to Curl Hair with a Straightener : Its very simple and easy to do , just look on my loose waves !hair curled with  a straightener

Hello everyone,
I decided to try out different hair styles for everyday wear other than just basic straight hair and a bun.loose waves curled with  a straightener
So i curled my hair with this GHD straightener away from my face and after brushed through to give it that loose wave. Its very simple and easy to do i actually love how my hair looks when its curly, and i am looking forward to experimenting and trying how new things with my hair and shearing it with you.
how to Loose curls with a straightenerI have actually got this straightener from Argos I think about two years ago, you can tell its quite old but i am really surprised how long its lasted, its practically being used everyday and its still works well .