Look Sultry in Snake-Inspired Fashion

2013 might have been the year of the snake, but its stylish essence transcends up until now. To date, snake-inspired fashion continues to dominate the runways – even the boutiques. Take part in this sultry trend by following these snake-inspired fashion commandments:

Thou Shalt Not Wear Snake on Snake.

Snakeskin is a powerful on its own, so don’t go snake on snake (lest you are going for the true serpent look.) It’s a matter of choosing between snake-inspired clothes or accessories.

snake skin top

snake skin heels

Thou Shalt Remember that Balance is Important

Just like the rule “don’t wear snake on snake,” keep in mind that balance is essential in rocking serpent-inspired fashion. When in doubt, look up to Kate Moss. This petite model always makes it a point to wear snakeskin pieces with simple, toned-down items.

snake skin pants

snake skin blazer

Thou Shalt Go Monochrome – If the Print is Big.

If you are planning on wearing a large snakeskin pattern, then make sure that it comes in a neutral or monochromatic color. This will make the mixing and matching process easier.

snake skin dress

snake skin romper

Thou Shalt Remember that Less is More.

When it comes to snakeskin fashion, less is always more. You don’t have to wear a serpentine dress to channel this trend. If you are not that courageous enough to step out in all snake-print, you don’t have to.

snake skin necklace

Remember, even the small details can make you look stylish and sexy. Accessories such as a small snakeskin clutch or a collar will suffice.

snake skin clutch

snake skin bag

Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid to Incorporate an Eye-Catching Piece.

Although the snakeskin print is a head-turner by itself, it does not mean that you should skip out on attention-grabbing pieces. This is especially the case if you are wearing a monochromatic snakeskin print. You can add some pizzazz to your outfit by donning eye-catching items, such as the printed dress below.

red snake skin heels

snake skin pumps

Styling snakeskin might be tricky, but you can pull it off like a style maven! Look fresh and fierce by keeping these snakeskin fashion commandments in mind.

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