Look Stunning with these Accessorizing Tips

A statement accessory – or a few bangles here and there – can greatly influence your look. Jewelries, whether real or fancy, can transform your casual outfit to a blog-worthy attire. Make the most out of the power of accessories with these styling tips:

Casual Outfit + Statement Necklace = Scene Stealer

A classic outfit, such as a white shirt and denim jeans, can look better with a statement necklace. While the classic silver and golden tones are safe choices, it is best if you broke all fashion convention with a bright necklace.

sparkly necklace

statement necklace

Printed Attire + Bold, Coordinated Jewelry = Fashion Maven

Accessories don’t only go with simple outfits, they go well with printed attires as well. Should you decide to wear printed garb, you can look better with a bold statement accessory. Whether it’s a bangle, necklace or big earrings, what is important is that it bears a color that is found in your get-up.

orange statement necklace pink necklace

Keep Your Stack Coordinated

A bangle stack is one of the hottest accessorizing trends of today. Should you decide to try this, make sure that the bangles are color-coordinated. They need not necessarily be in the same color field, but they should have elements that tie them together with your outfit.

colorful bangle stacks

black bangle stack black and gold bangle stack

Draw Attention with a Long Necklace

If you want your people to notice your #ootd, then throw in a pretty long necklace. It streamlines your look, as it draws attention to your enticing outfit. Most importantly, it has no clasps, so you can wear it without fuss. Talk about accessorizing even when you are on the go.

cross gold necklace gold long necklace

Mix Edgy with Sparkly

Sparkly and glitzy accessories are no longer just reserved for dressy occasions. In fact, you can wear them with your punk or rock chic looks as well. These flirty items can add the feminizing balance to your edgy, menswear-inspired attire.

owl long necklace pearl necklace silver necklaces

The right accessories can make or break or your look. But as long as you mind these handy accessorizing tips, you can look amazing with your jewelry – even if they are cheap and fancy.

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