Look Stunning with Eva Mendes’ Beauty and Style Tips

Eva Mendes is the true definition of bombshell. With her plump lips, enviable cheekbones, caramel skin, and sexy body, there is no wonder why guys – even gals – go crazy over her. Although we can’t achieve her natural beauty and slender physique, we can be just like this fashion star with her beauty and style tips, starting with:

Stock up on the Essentials

Just like every other superstar, Eva Mendes has her own signature style. She has a penchant for both old and new trends, as seen in her fashion flair. According to the new mom, every girl should have the following in her closet:

  • Turbans
  • Floral Summer Dresses
  • Little Black Dresses
  • Ankle Boots
  • Jean Boots
  • Tights

eva mendes turban

eva mendes floral dress eva mendes LBD eva mendes ankle boots eva mendes jean boots eva mendes tights

Mix and Match

Eva is a non-conformist when it comes to fashion rules. She believes that women should be free to dress how they wish. Like Mrs. Gosling, you should be adventurous when it comes to matching prints and colors.

eva mendes dresseva mendes blue printed dress

Choose Vintage and Bargains

Even if Eva Mendes makes millions of dollars a year, she favors vintage clothes and bargains more. In fact, she is “Always looking for quality things without a big price tag.”

eva mendes vintage dress

If you want to have a distinct style ala Eva Mendes, then follow her tip: visit the Good Will or Salvation Army stores. Devote some time in there and you will surely find a diamond in the rough.

eva mendes polka dot dress

Get Smoke into your Eyes

Similar to her fashion style, Eva channels a distinct brand of make-up. So every time you are all dressed up, try this: apply powder on the outer rim of the eyelid, and a pencil liner on the inside lid.

eva mendes eye make-up

Bad Hair Day? No Problem

Yes, Eva Mendes has bad hair days too! Although this is the case, she manages to prettify her style with this quick tip: creating a high bun with a lovely scarf or turban. Just like Eva, you can pull this off – whether you are in the office or a spontaneous date with the hubby.

eva mendes buneva mendes bun hairstyle

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