Look More Youthful with these Style Tips

Wisdom comes with age. Unfortunately, your style philosophies do so too. If people often tell you that “you look old,” maybe it’s because of the way you dress. Change their perception of you – and look a lot younger along the way – by following these age-deducing style tips.

Bold Colors

Neutral colors are traditionally trendy, but they can make you look ‘more’ mature, especially if you wear these shades every day. Inject some youth into your casual and work attires by sporting bold colored-pieces. Sometimes, it can be as simple as a vibrant cardigan or a cute printed skirt.

printed blazer and skirt

blue dress

Boat Neck Top / V-Neck Top

Fact: the slowest body part to age is the shoulder. Expose this youthful-looking asset by donning a stylish boat neck top.

blue boat neck top

If you are blessed with a bountiful chest, wear a V-neck top instead. It will show your collarbones and balance your heavy-set top.

black v neck top

Long Cardigan

Look younger as you seek warmth this winter season with a long cardigan. What’s the best length? One that ends at the mid-thigh, experts advise.

long beige cardigan

Ruffled or waterfall sweaters are perfect for more formal events, while boyfriend style cardis are ideal for mall strolls and casual day-outs.

beige waterfall cardigan

Flat-Front Pants

Maybe you love loose pants because of the comfort and freedom of movement that they bring. Sadly, these comfy trousers can add some ages to your look. Rewind the clock by trading these for flat-front pants. They allow you to shuffle while making you look slimmer along the way.

flat front pants

black flat front pants

Colorful Scarf

Are there wrinkles or signs of aging at your neck? Don’t hide these flaws with a turtleneck. Use a colorful scarf instead. Apart from incorporating a pop of color, a scarf can be used in a variety of ways (think headgear or bag accessory.)

leopard scarffloral scarf

Matching Shoes and Pantyhose

A trick to looking taller and younger in the office? Wear pantyhose and shoes that match in color. For example, if you are wearing a nude heel, go with nude pantyhose. For black shoes, black hosiery is the best. This will elongate you – and make your ankles and legs look slimmer.

nude pantyhose and heelsblack pantyhose and shoes

Fashion can make you look older if you dress the wrong way. Remove the unnecessary time marks from your style by dressing up in these youthful pieces.

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