Which Long Wavy Hairstyles Make You Look Great?

Because of the natural look and slightly messy in a chic way of long wavy hairstyles it is considered as the modern look. The period of over styled and stuffy hairstyles has long gone and it is time for you to experiment and try something new for your wavy hair. If you want to style your hair while it is damp the best way to do it is by styling it in slick chignon. Even though it will not display your wavy hair, it will still leave them dry so they are enhanced. Apply some styling cream on it.

Your long wavy hairstyles can be done in different ways. Get your hair together from the nape of the neck and start twisting up to the end of your hair. After you have twisted your ponytail, round it up, then wind it in a bun and to secure it, use an elastic. If you are planning to go out, wear a big earrings to give you that chic look, but this may take you several minutes to complete. In case you already have a dry hair, coil hair in a bun position it at the side of your neck as you do some tendrils hanging up front, surrounding your face. It is easy to do and will look great during a casual outing.

You can also part your hair in a way that you are comfortable. It could be a deep side part or in the middle part both will look beautiful. Begin at the front area, start to French braid hair up to the nape of your neck. To add volume gather your remaining hair in a ponytail and put on some Hairspray.

Beautiful light brown wavy hairstyle

wavy long hair

Cute long hair with waves

gorgeous wavy hair

Brown with highlights  , just  a perfect hair color  for wavy hairstyles!

wavy hair with highlights