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Lollylens’ Dreamy Gray Contact Lens Review

Hi beauties here is my Lollylens’ Dreamy Gray Contact Lens Review!

Sorry, this is a long overdue post. I don’t want to let my sponsors wait for my reviews any longer so here’s another post on Lollylens- Eyeluver product that I received together with the first lenses that I reviewed here.
EDIT: The circle lenses brand that they currently offer is OEM and the original manufacturer is EOS.

1 lollylens dreamy gray

Lenses on…

2 dreamy grey lollylens

Color & Design
The color of the lens is semi opaque and not so noticeable from a far and in low light because of its dark color. It gives off a dark faded blue color on my dark brown eyes in different lighting.
I am not so fond of the color, maybe a little boring for me.
Though everything blended well with my eyes.
Thus, it gives that natural glossy eyed looking effect for everyday wear.
This is a 14.5 size lens, which always gives me that flattering enlarging effect that I normally want to wear.
Like the first lenses, I love the comfort level.
It never stung, not blurry, and very comfortable.
It as if you’re not wearing any lens at all.
Still a Pretty Lens; it is for those who want a discreet and semi opaque wearable color for everyday or formal gatherings. I am just looking for a lens with a different/unique design that gives that bright dreamy speckled eye.
Comfortability and wearability wise-this is the lens for you!
3 dreamy grey by lollylens 4 dreamy grey lenscontrasted2

To purchase, Please visit Lollylens.