L’Occitane Bonne Mère Gentle Care Collection

Hey Beauties,
Here’s a new product from L’Occitane that’s for the whole family right down to the kids.  It’s L’Occitane Bonne Mère Gentle Honey Body Wash and Bonne Mère Gentle Milk Cream.  The Bonne Mère range is designed to be comforting and moisturising with a balanced ph.


L’Occitane Bonne Mère Honey Care Gentle Body Wash

I really like the  Bonne Mère Gentle Honey Body Wash, it lathers up really well and is soft and silky without leaving any residue.  The scent is of subtle honey which I didn’t find overpowering and the bottle it comes in is a HUGE 600ml!!  Talk about family size…


L’Occitane Bonne Mère Gentle Milk Cream

The Bonne Mère Gentle Milk Cream has a lovely subtle soft scent, almost reminds of when I’m on holiday?  The cream is designed for the whole body so it’s suitable for the face and hands too which is kind of strange for me because I’m so used to having separate products for each but I have been known to reach for face cream when my hands have been desperate for moisture so can’t say I wouldn’t use it on my face in an eventuality.  I do know some people who use one moisturiser from head to toe but I’m a beauty product freak so…

Anyway, the cream is lovely and gentle much like the Shea Butter hand cream but much lighter and quickly absorbs but doesn’t lose it’s moisturising ability.  I liked these two so much that when I popped into L’Occitane to get my refill of the Lavender hand wash, I picked up the Bonne  Mère Honey Care duo too.  It has the hand wash and cream.  I noticed the Honey Gentle Cream is a slightly different texture to the Milk version, it’s slightly lighter/more fluid but still has the same moisturising quality.  The hand wash is lovely and silky too with a good lather.  I just love the smell of the Honey Care, I couldn’t resist not getting the duo, especially because it’s Limited Edition too.



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