Lisa Hamilton: Classic and Casual Street Style

Do you want some class to your fashion style, but often find yourself overdoing it? Tough classic and casual believed to be in tension with one another, you may take advantage of its style to class up your look a little bit or dress down your formal looks. Being casual doesn’t have to be sloppy and ugly but just staying in a chic and sophisticated vibe in a laid-back way. Wondering how to pull it off the right way? Let’s have a style inspiration.

tote bag with striped dress

From Melbourne, Australia, Lisa Hamilton is a known for her classic yet casual and laid-back look. In her blog See Want Shop, we can see how she effortlessly styles her thrown-together look that is tougher since it remains polished and sophisticated in spite of being laid-back and comfortable. She even described her style as simple and minimal but not afraid of a splash of color either.

When dealing with the classy yet casual style, the key is mixing classic pieces with casual pieces such as denim jeans, sweaters, sneakers, slip-on sandals, and such unsophisticated items. On the other hand, when opting for classic pieces, stick to classic fabrics like cotton, leather, satin, chiffon, and such. Also, be sure your clothes fit well as baggy clothing can be an issue and too-tight clothing is not classy. If you do want to wear oversized and distressed pieces, just be sure you’ll wear them with polished and sophisticated ensembles to balance the looks.

leather baseball cap with casual outfit black sneakers with white dress

When aiming for accessories, opt for casual pieces such as baseball caps, tote bags, slip on sandals, sneakers, and such to dress down your classic look. On the other hand, if you need to add some class to your casual outfit, then wear some structured bag, heels, elegant clutch, metallic jewelry, formal watches, chic sunglasses and other sophisticated items.

black classic outfit gray coat with ripped jeans lavender dress with sneakersstriped dress with casual footwearwhite classic outfit

If you’re wearing a feminine dress, you may want to dress it down by opting for casual footwear such as sneakers, slip-on sandals, or even ballet flats or boots depending on their style. Lisa dressed down her sophisticated gray coat with a pair of ripped jeans worn as leggings with knee-high boots. She also got the idea of wearing slip-on sandals with a striped dress and tied a chambray shirt on her waist for an extra casual feel. These styles are great when running errands or spending some walk on the town. On the other hand, if you like to keep it classic but not too casual, you may pair your feminine dress with sandals in a reasonable heel height so it’ll remain comfortable and laid-back.

casual sweater with classic outfit casual top with pencil skirt chic suit with chambray shirt white crop top with denim jacket

Casual tops like sweaters, denim jacket, chambray shirts, tank tops, and such can be dressed up by chic classic pieces like pencil skirts, sleek suit, feminine shoes, and a structured bag. Like Lisa, you may dress up your sweater by teaming it with a classic blazer and skirt worn with heels. On the other hand, you may dress down your crop top and skirt by just throwing in a denim jacket. Also, when it comes to shirts, you can create a casual classy look by wearing crisp shirts with collars like button downs. Just try a lightweight style of it then team it with dark denim jeans.

distressed jeans with classic coat ripped jeans with classic trench coat

Boyfriend jeans in a distressed style scream the casual feel. So dress them up with classic pieces such as feminine blouses, trench coats, feminine shoes, fedora hats and such. Dark denim pants and khaki trousers are a great alternative to boyfriend jeans as darker denim is basically considered more “dressy” than lighter denim. With those types of pants, it’s best to go for something that fits you well.

black leather jacket with chic shawl

If you wish to add some edge to your looks, then wear anything leather. Lisa creatively wore a leather jacket with casual pants with a classic print shawl. You may creatively layer your outfit in the way that suits your style.

As we have seen through Lisa’s style, classic style with a casual twist is indeed possible. Just play on layers to create the looks and style that perfectly suit your mood.






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