Lisa Dengler: How to Look Laid-Back but Fashion-Forward

Dressing easygoing and laid-back doesn’t mean you just have to forgo fashion. The key is to coordinate relaxed ensembles with statement-maker pieces. The line you need to walk is very fine as it’s very easy to overbalance and end up wearing sweat pants or to land up wearing something inappropriately dressy. To help you get on the right track, we got an inspiring style blogger to lighten up your style in a laid-back but fashion-forward way.

Born in Germany, Lisa Dengler is a style blogger known for her very easygoing and laid back style but very fashion forward. In her blog Just Another, she describes her style as a mix of comfortable, edgy, trendy pieces like oversized things and high heels where she mixes put together ensembles with not put together pieces then adding a hat of sorts.

birkenstock sandals

knee high boots with edgy outfit white birkenstock sandals

In order to keep your laid-back outfit looking polished and fashion-forward, it is important that you get functional and fashionable accessories. When opting for jewelry, opt for quirky pieces or unconventional ones. Also, footwear like Birkenstock sandals, ballet flats, sneakers, sandals, or even gladiator style will keep you fashionable but comfortable. Lisa opts for boots and Birkenstock sandals as she knows they are a real essential for a laid-back style. Also, these selections of footwear are versatile, good quality, and comfortable if you select the right variation.

striped tank top tank top with classic outfit tank top with maxi skirt

A collection of versatile tank tops keeps your wardrobe versatility and helps you to keep your style diverse from day to day as they can be an excellent pair with jeans, skirts, shorts, flip flops, high waist pants and such. Lisa creatively wore her tank top with a feminine skirt and spiced up her looks with an animal print blazer and a metallic clutch.

cardigan with dress floral jacket with all black outfit jacket with jeans

Outerwear like cardigans, bomber jackets, leather jackets, and knitted blazers are a great option for dressing up or dressing down your looks depending on the fabrics they’re made of. Go for natural fibers over synthetics as wool and organic knitted cotton will last longer than synthetic ones. The key is to wear your ensembles in a variety of different ways. These go well with a feminine dress, denim jeans, dressy pants, and even with an all black outfit. These will keep your style diversity and makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier.

denim jeans with black outfitskinny jeans with animal print blouse skinny jeans with classic coat

A pair of denim jeans is absolutely the most essential in your easygoing look as it screams casual. Choose the one that suits both your figure and the occasion. Denim items like distressed and faded jeans are informal while skinny jeans in a darker wash are far ‘smarter’ than a made-to-fade pair of boyfriend jeans. Distressed boyfriend jeans are great for dressing down your fashion-forward outfit while skinny jeans in darker wash complement them.

floral skirt with casual top patent leather skirttartan skirt with all black outfit

If it’s much easier for you opt for mix-and-match, have a collection of stylish skirts as they’re a flirty way to add some femininity to your style. Skirts are highly versatile to pair with different tees, tank tops, jerseys, sweaters, and jacket that make dressing in diversity a whole lot simpler.

As what Lisa proved us, you can dress easygoing and laid-back yet maintaining your fashion forward looks. All you need is to be creative teaming your versatile items and make your style casual but stylish.


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