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Liquid Palisade – Review & Pics

Are you all ready for an exciting and new product that makes it super easy to not only do the perfect manicure with no clean-up afterwards, but also to create the perfect french manicure and awesome nail art? (phew!)

Introducing.. Liquid Palisade!Liquid-Palisade




A paint-on temporary barrier that protects against unwanted polish mishaps! (No, it’s not polish!!) You’ll simply peel it off (like a stretchy string) for the perfect custom manicure or pedicure every time. By painting on liquid palisade wherever you DON’T want polish (ie: on your cuticle). You’ll end up with polish where you WANT it, NOT where you don’t!

Sounds pretty cool, right?? It’s basically a liquid that dries to an almost rubber-like consistency that you paint on anywhere you don’t want your polish to be, let it dry and then use a cuticle pusher (or your nail) to shape the product. Then you paint on your nail polish color, wait until it’s ALMOST dry and then peel off the product!

Liquid Palisade is available exclusively at and retails for $22 in a .35oz tube similar to a lipgloss container.

Here are a couple tips that the creator, Jacqueline, shared with me:

  • Shake liquid palisade before use
  • Let liquid palisade dry before tweaking it or polishing
  • Peel liquid palisade off after your polish half-way dry (Don’t wait ’till your polish is dry, doesn’t work as well!)
  •  If you didn’t get the liquid palisade on the way you wanted, peel it off and start over!! It’s easy!!
  • Make sure you use enough extra palisade to make a “tab” to pull it off (like for a frenchie, make sure you paint the palisade over your cuticles some on each side so it’s easier to pull off!!)
  • Make sure your cuticles are as free from dry flaky skin as possible!!

And here are some tips, copied from the website:

  • Shake your liquid palisade very well before and during use!
  • Apply a thin coat of liquid palisade vs. a thicker coat.
  • Let liquid palisade dry completely before tweaking or polishing.
  • Peel liquid palisade off BEFORE your polish is dry.
  • Gently tweak liquid palisade with a manicure stick or your finger for the perfect edge.
  • If the liquid palisade application doesn’t look right, peel it off and try again!
  • For nail art, wait until your base coat of polish is dry before applying liquid palisade.
  • Apply liquid palisade to all nails BEFORE starting to polish.

Alright, now are you ready for some pics?

Here, I’ve started by painting the Liquid Palisade along my cuticleLiquid-Palisade-along-my-cuticle


Wait for it to start drying – it gets darker in color.. and push back the LPLiquid-Palisade-application


Paint on your nail polish like you normally would – touching the LPLiquid-Palisade-manicure


Once the polish starts drying – use the tab you created and peel off the LPLiquid-Palisade-on nails


TADA! A perfect manicure with no extra clean-up needed.Liquid-Palisade-pics


French manicure time – Again, apply the LP where you want your french to beLiquid-Palisade-result


Wait for the color to get darker, push it into shape and then paint the polish onLiquid-Palisade-application on nails


Peel off the LP..Yay! An awesome funky french 🙂Liquid-Palisade-nails


Now for some nail art. Apply the LP.. typically you would do this over a color that’s already drywhat is Liquid-Palisade


Making sure to leave tabs – let the LP dry and apply your nail color

And, peel off!Liquid-Palisade-nail design


If you couldn’t tell, I really love this product! It’s a great idea. The only issue I’ve had is the product getting a little gunked up in the stopper and having to pull it out of there every other use. Like mentioned above, definitely be sure to shake the bottle really well before-hand or else the product gets kind of liquidy.

I think this is a pretty awesome product, especially if you have problems with steadiness of the hands. Sometimes the typical brush clean-up most bloggers do doesn’t work well if you’re shaky.. this will make it pretty easy on you :).

I’m gonna end this post with the warnings included with the product just to be safe.

  • Do not use if you have skin allergies or are allergic to Havea (commonly called Latex) or sensitive skin.
  • liquid palisade is not intended for children.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Keep out of eyes, mouth, hair, and clothing.
  • Not for ingestion.