Liquid Hair – A Hair and Beauty Salon in Adelaide

Emma Bayly’s Liquid Hair salon, in Adelaide’s CBD, is a lovely place to be. It’s a chic ‘eco salon,’ which means they use energy-efficient design, lighting, heating and cooling, and other appliances, encourage clients to use the provided laptops instead of paper magazines, and use paraben-free (and some natural and organic) haircare products. As well as hair services, Liquid Hair also provides beauty services including a DermalogicaSkin Bar, Skin Mapping and Microzone treatments.



Oh, I was all up in those, don’t worry.

I went to Liquid Hair a couple of weeks ago for a much (MUCH) needed hair cut and colour. The lovely stylist at the front desk gave me a tour of the salon, seated me in one of the Tiffany blue salon chairs, gave me a netbook to cruise beauty blogs while I had my hair done, and brought me a lovely pot of tea:





I was introduced to my stylist, Charlotte, but the stylist who had first greeted me asked if I’d like to have a free Dermalogica Microzone treatment, as their new beauty therapist had only started work the day before. They put it as if I was somehow doing them a favour by having my face subjected to the Microzone treatment, so that was both confusing and delightful. The Dermalogica Microzone treatments are 20-minute facials that are designed to target a particular issue of concern and cost just $30 a pop at Liquid Hair. So while my new hair colour was developing, I dashed over to the Dermalogica Microzone treatment station, my aluminium foils a-flutter.

The new beauty therapist ran through a Dermalogica Skin Mapping before she started the Microzone treatment. Dermalogica Skin Mapping is a free service to ‘map’ fourteen areas of the face, note any skin concerns, and recommend suitable Dermalogica skincare products. I imagine my map is similar to that of the war-torn Middle East. I had chosen dullness as my targeted skin concern for my Microzone treatment, so she basically exfoliated the heck out of my face (I love a good exfoliation). The beauty therapist was kind enough to gently massage my face on the places where the chemical exfoliator was stinging, which helped to take the sting out of the treatment. Afterwards, my skin felt smooth, bright and even. Love it.

My stylist Charlotte then rinsed out my colour (a semi-permanent warm brown with copper foils) and cut my hair, and it ended up like this:


The final verdict: Yes, I like it lots. I’m spectacularly bad at styling my hair, so I’m sure I don’t do justice to Charlotte’s work, but I do my best (Well, most of the time I don’t really do my best). The hair cut and colour together cost $197.00.

Note: I paid for my hair cut and colour at Liquid Hair, but as I mentioned I received the Dermalogica Microzone treatment for free.


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