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Lipstick Haul MAC And YSL

 I decided to do a bit of shopping today to spend a little bit of my birthday money. I am going to split the hauls into different posts as they would be ridiculously long! So today is just the makeup items that I brought and I will do clothes in another post. I went a bit lipstick mad today as I brought 3 lipsticks (I brought one of them last week but I just decided to add it into this haul as I still used my birthday money to buy it).


L-R Creme De La Femme – Up The Amp – Costa Chic – Girl About Town – YSL Peach Passion 13


Creme De La Femme (Frost)

1 Creme De La Femme (Frost)

This is such a gorgeous wearable colour it is a frost but it doesn’t make your lips look dead like some frosts tend to do, especially against my olive skin. This lipstick has little tiny flecks of gold which looks lovely against the pink colour.


Up The Amp (Amplified Creme)

2 Up The Amp (Amplified Creme)

It took me ages to decided whether I should buy this lipstick or not. I have no other colour like it so I thought why not! I wanted to try something a bit different. I don’t know how much use I would get out of it but it does look beautiful on the lips. It is such a vibrant colour without looking too overly purple and dead looking. This is definitely a colour to get you noticed. I will have to figure out how to incorporate this colour into my makeup looks as I have never worn a purple lipstick before, I have always swayed towards the safe colours!


Costa Chic (Frost)

3 Costa Chic (Frost)

I brought this colour first last week. Since then I have worn it every day! I absolutely love this colour, It stands out without being too bright so it can be worn day and night. It is a beautiful coral/pink colour with flecks of silver shimmer going through it. This lipstick looks lovely against tanned skin and it is such a summery colour, I wish I had gotten it earlier. I had always wanted a coral lipstick but never got round to buying one as I would always get swayed towards nudes and light pinks. It is a very metallic lipstick which makes it stand out even more.
Girl About Town (Amplified creme)
4 Girl About Town (Amplified creme)
I Love the colour of this lipstick, I think I went a bit bright lipstick crazy today! This lipstick goes on so creamy that I get it everywhere, I think i will have to get a lip pencil in this colour and maybe a lip brush too so that it doesn’t look as messy because when applied from the stick its pretty hard to control, for me anyways! I think this lipstick would look great with a smokey eye. This is another lip colour that I will have to learn how to incorporate into my makeup looks because I don’t know how much use I would get out of this one other wise.
YSL Peach Passion 13
5 YSL Peach Passion 13
I’m Pretty gutted that I got this lipstick actually as it is pretty much the same colour as ‘Costa Chic’ but without the frost finish. I did want the colour lingerie Pink but they never had any left ( I shopped in Debenhams as they had a 10% off sale, so I got it cheaper) The formula of this lipstick is just so luxurious and creamy, yet it goes on very opaque and you only need 1 swipe to get colour. This colour is more toned down to the ‘Costa Chic’ so maybe when i don’t want a bright metallic lip I will wear this instead. The formula feels so  moisturising but I’m not sure how long this lipstick will last because its so creamy it seems to run down quite a fair bit! I think I will save this one for special occasions!
More shopping tomorrow!